Does Apple really need a new breakthrough for stock price to rise?

“It may be a while before Apple’s shares return to the all-time high of $705 they hit last September, but they should hit $600 or so by year’s end,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“This according to Channing Smith, director of equity strategies at Capital Advisors, who predicts that Apple’s stock will rally in the second half of this year, following a potentially tough March quarter, and June guidance that might leave a little bit to be desired,” Paczkowski reports. “Like a number of other analysts, Smith says Apple is at risk of a near-term earnings miss. But he also says the company’s big picture remains rock solid.”

Paczkowski opines, “Would Apple benefit from a new, breakthrough product? Of course. But will it fade into irrelevance without such a product? Only if you view 47.8 million iPhones sold during the past quarter as hard evidence that buyers’ interest in the the iPhone might be drying up. Only if your definition of irrelevance accounts for that sort of staggering number does Apple really “need” to field another bright, shiny object before its shares see $600 again.”

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  1. Don’t forget that Apple, mostly, creates, binds or redefine the market they’re injecting products into. The smart phone is not a decade old… When you look at patents, so much is coming . Apple is aware. The futur is bright.

    Buy now!

    1. I still think that such a low P/E doesn’t define a company having a bright future. Yes, Google and IBM are marked as companies with bright futures with very generous but fair P/Es. Apple’s is just the opposite. Apple’s P/E looks like a tech company’s P/E whose time is at an end. The “Apple is doomed” meme is going stronger than ever.

  2. No. they just need to stop reading tech and market anal-yst blogs and watching Samsung’s every move. Then and only then can they get back to that vacuum-focus that put them on top……heeeeyyy…..The iVac……could be just the thing!

  3. Apple has to stop screwing around and release more upgrades to their existing products. The latest “Mac Pro” like power user machine is way way overdue. A new Mac Mini is desperately needed. In fact they need to break the mini-server off to its own product. An affordable small office server with big office features. Break of another version specifically for home use specializing in getting media to zip around the house.

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    1. i disagree Appy, because how long can a democracy justify its existence alongside an insidious prison industrial complex that preys on the most disenfranchised marginalized citizens? huh? answer me that!?!?!!

  5. I don’t think that a shiny new object is going to be any magic bullet for Apple. The world has Apple back where it wants Apple to be, in it’s perceptual arm pits, always on the brink of utter failure and inevitable collapse, all the while Apple’s competitors race to steal, copy and look like, and do like Apple. It’s back to business as usual. Sorry I don’t have flowery, wavy language, but non of this is half as complicated as most seem to want to make it – and add the obfuscation of WS analysts, and presto, we have utter chaos and unpredictability. Yikes… And Apple had a historically bad quarter, and how much is Apple worth again? And how much cash on hand do they have? And how did they come by that cash – corporate welfare? Oh yeah, just plain hard work designing, marketing and selling millions of units of each of their product lines. Damn, Apple really is just a stupid, know-nothing company, that has let everybody down and will certainly be out of business by summertime… Oh, and let’s not forget their long history of utter failure against the bright minds at MS, losing year after year until, well, guess I just said it, Apple should be in the toilet by year’s end… I mean really folks. It’s one thing to lose money on price/share, that’s personal and it doesn’t feel good, but it’s something else again to extrapolate that into a conclusion about the actual success of the company itself.

  6. It is stupid how blase people are about Apple redefining a market. The talk as if it is a simple formula that Apple executes every time. They just enter a market and blow it up. Easy. Obviously they will just continue to do that forever and the stock price should be 1000 dollars or whatever.
    It is not easy. It should be respected not expected. And it should never be taken for granted.

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