Where Apple’s revolutionary iPad is changing lives

“Best-man Toshiyuki hands out two iPads at a Japanese wedding reception. He’s something of an early adopter while some of the older guests are unfamiliar with touch screens, despite their country’s tech-savvy reputation,” Michael Fitzpatrick writes for Fortune. “But the tablet’s intuitive quality wins them over as they begin happily perusing a slide show of images from the betrotheds’ lives–not something wedding guests might do outside of Asia but which, in Japan, is de rigueur.”

“Applications unique to Japan are blossoming here thanks to Apple’s iPad,” Fitzpatrick writes. “In the absence of a popular home-grown alternative, domestic app makers have come up with some unusual–sometimes inspiring–approaches. ‘The fishermen in Hokkaido are using the iPad to record where they have fished to avoid over-fishing. In Saga prefecture, all the ambulances uses iPad to quickly locate where the patient has to be transferred. In Kobe, physicians using iPads during operations,’ says Tokyo-based tech consultant Nobuyuki Hayashi. ‘I could name another cool 50. There is almost nothing on Android tablets.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jack F.” for the heads up.]


  1. There it is again, “I could name another cool 50. There is almost nothing on Android tablets.” Many of the Samsung adds push the device specifications and one or two apps. Apple needs to get people to understand, Apple and it’s products, iOS devices and services are about so much more. Buy from Apple and the keys to the world are yours. Anything else is like the key to your empty house. You can live there but why not have the key to your house and so much more?

  2. … perhaps, but yesterday I sat in my home in Massachusetts and spoke with my grandson in Florida. Video-chat. He did his A-B-Cs, with a flourish on the end, and counted to 10 – then kept counting.
    Many of his toys are for throwing, he enjoys that, but this is for interacting – he enjoys that as well. I’m not claiming this is anything like the break-throughs I’v heard about – making music or assisting in an operation – but it’s a huge plus for me. And him … his Mom can maintain contact with his cousins and other snow-birds, pretty much like Dick Tracy used to. 😉

  3. I’ll tell you a real story. The story involves my dad. I bought him an iPad 2 for his birthday – he says he doesn’t need the Retina display as it would be wasted on him.

    So anyway I bought him an iPad thinking that he’ll use it to look up his most watched TV shows and other entertainment related apps.

    My dad who is never comfortable using a Windows computer – he even hates Windows XP and that’s about as simple as Windows gets, don’t even talk about the monstrosity that is Windows 8. So one day about a week after I got him the iPad I casually ask him how he liked it and was he watching the shows he liked to watch – I gave him an Apple gift card to go along with his app purchases and content downloads.

    He says to me, “I’m checking my stocks on Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN apps and I’m surfing the Net on Safari looking up stock recommendations and doing research on what I should buy for car accessories.”


    He learned it all by himself or asked his golfing buddies how the iPad worked. He’s brought it to the golf club to compare notes with his golfing buddies and watch videos on YouTube on how to improve his golf swing.

    That’s how life changing the iPad is. Thanks to the simplicity and ease of use of the iPad, as envisioned by Steve Jobs. That is the miracle of the iPad – reaching into millions of homes and enabling simple computing for the masses.

    Thank you Steve Jobs for making my dad a savvy computer user.

  4. Don’t know how I ever made it for every day things before my iPad. Have had the iPad one, iPad 2 and new iPad (3). Will probably get the iPad five this summer. It won’t ever take the place of my Mac Pro’s and MBP but it sure is nice for the simple stuff. I have a 27 inch iMac that just doesn’t get used as much as it should due to my iPad.

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