8 myths about the looming smartwatch revolution

“By the time Apple ships its rumored ‘iWatch’ smartwatch, the company will be entering a crowded market,” Mike Elgan writes for Computerworld.

MacDailyNews Take: By the time Apple ships its rumored “iPod” portable music player, the company will be entering a crowded market,

Elgan writes, “A smartwatch is a wristwatch device that connects to the Internet (directly or via a smartphone) and runs apps.”

MacDailyNews Take: As it is currently defined.

Elgan writes, “Pundits, journalists and bloggers are writing a lot about the new smartwatch category. But almost everything they’re predicting about the future of smartwatches is wrong.”

Here are the 8 biggest myths about the coming smartwatch revolution:

Myth #1: There won’t be a smartwatch revolution.
Myth #2: Smartwatches will fail because nobody wears watches anymore.
Myth #3: Smartwatches are for people too lazy to take the phone out of their pockets.
Myth #4: Smartwatches are bulky.
Myth #5: Smartwatches are dorky.
Myth #6: Apple won’t ship a smartwatch until curved glass technology is ready in two years.
Myth #7: Smartwatches will have to be charged every day.
Myth #8: Smartwatches are only peripheral devices for smartphones.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Elgan’s myths are dead on, assuming Apple enters the market. Expect Apple’s “iWatch” to look far better than everyone else’s, work far better than everyone else’s, get far better battery life than everyone else’s (as usual, only Apple will control the whole widget: the hardware design, including custom silicon, and the operating system and software), and sell far better than everyone else’s.


  1. The looming smartwatch revolution? Oh please. Mike Elgan is frequently wrong but never uncertain.

    Everybody is competing with the iWatch. Everybody. Samsung, Google, HTC. Everybody is trying to beat Apple to the punch. Here’s the official word from Apple on the iWatch: “…”

    This is silliness.

    1. This author says that the iWatch revelation is coming without providing a single reason to expect this event.

      This author says the consumers will find the iWatch compelling but cannot describe what functions and features it has.

      This author states the iWatch will be just as useful as an iPhone. So why would people give up their iPhone?

      The author says that the iWatch won’t be bulky but doesn’t provide any data of the weight or size of the device.

      The author says that the iWatch isn’t dorky. That’s mere opinion.

      The author says that current glass making technology is capable of producing an iWatch. However, it’s obvious that many technologies are needed not just those for making curved glass. The author never discusses any other technologies.

      The author states that iWatches would be charged once weekly yet provides no data to support his opinion.

      This author hasn’t provided any relevant or convincing information why the iWatch release is imminent or what features and functions it will have. This article is both boring and uninformative, but Apple fanboys will lap it up.

  2. Apple will only enter the market when the technology is there to make the watch that is eye catching, superior battery life, and does the unexpected. They entered the MP3 market and dominated. Then the smartphone market and dominated. Anyone who writes off Apple in this market is a FOOL!

    1. If there is a market please be sure to inform Apple, because as of late, Apple hasn’t produced an iWatch which certainly begs the question if this “market” really exists.

  3. I’d say let them, all wannabees, spend their own R&D money, and once they announce ther shipping dates, hold a press conference to announce the iWatch. What do you think would happen?

  4. Myth Definition: A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, as by explaining aspects of the natural world or delineating the psychology, customs, or ideals of society

    Having an article like this that just trashes the concept of what a myth actually is demonstrates the depths that jourANALism has sunk to, why bother to report the news when you can project it.

    Rumors and conjecturing would be a more appropriate choice of words.

  5. People Elgan too easily forget that Jawbones are extremely useful.

    An extension in a unique way for the Jawbone functionality with goodies added in could be highly desirable. Given a passive screen with minimal power draw, it might have great battery life.

    I can see multiple ways & places to use such a device.

  6. Here is Elgan shoving the rumor on us while evaluating it.

    The thing is a FRACKING RUMOR! So waste our time with your analysis of what is literally A VACUUM. Surely there are REAL things to write about. Or is this the new wave of journalism? VACUOUS?

  7. The smartwatch revolution won’t start until Apple launches one.

    Other manufacturers may well launch wrist-worn devices before then, but they won’t be revolutionary – just variations of what we have already seen.

    Then Apple will launch their product and there will be a mad scramble to throw out all their old designs and try to copy what Apple has done.

    Only Google will come up with a unique variation. Apple will produce the iWatch, Googles will be called the WatchU. The significant difference is that it watches what you’re doing and reports it all back to Google.

  8. I sincerely doubt any wrist computer from apple will have the word ‘watch’ it its title. The iPhone because its primary function is a phone, but the primary function of these new devices is not telling time.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems ridiculous to me.

  9. “Apple will produce the iWatch, Googles will be called the WatchU. The significant difference is that it watches what you’re doing and reports it all back to Google.”

    LOL … Ain’t that the truth. But really, not funny at all.

    1. And Apple will invent the iSee (No need to tell you what it is)

      Of course Apple will sue the whole planet for steeling “their” fantastic invention.

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