Apple’s March uptrend is no sucker rally

“Apple (AAPL) has rallied 7.8% since recording a 52-week low of $419 on March 4. This is not the first time the tech giant has experienced a promising recovery since slipping to below $600,” Nicholas Kitonyi writes for Seeking Alpha. “Nonetheless, the previous occasions have proved to be nothing short of a “sucker rally”, which means, a stock price increases for a short period of time before declining back to its usual position or even further below. This is normally attributed to speculation by investors following some news release or in anticipation of some news release. Apple seems set to avoid the trap this time round, though critics would argue that it’s still too early to judge.”

“Apple has maintained bullish recommendations from analysts despite its unimpressive showing at the stock market. The company has consensus rating of buy, with 41 buy ratings from leading analysts, 8 neutral ratings and only 2 sell ratings,” Kitonyi writes. “The average target price is at $607, or 34.27% upside of Wednesday 20, closing price.”

Kitonyi writes, “The company’s margins are improving and this can only get better towards the second half of 2013. Investors have proved to judge Apple’s performance and outlook based on its margins, and should therefore do the same based on better margins as predicted. It’s not too late to buy Apple.”

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  1. No rally lasts forever. See September 24,2012. But generally speaking, stocks don’t drop forever either. Thus you try to invest low and take your profit higher. Doesn’t always work that way. But if you pay attention you can do quite well. As long as you remember to take your profit and not watch it drop to a loss. Things do look better for Apple right now so I tend to agree with the article. I dipped my toe in last week. May put a little more in next week. But you never invest and then walk away and forget it. Pay attention. It’s your money. Just because you love a company’s product doesn’t mean that it is a good financial investment. Learn to separate love and investing. Investing in a company is always risky no matter what company it is. So you’re always taking a chance. But I think things look better than they have in a long time for AAPL.

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