iOS 7 concept videos released by Apple fan

“An Apple fan, Mohamed Kerroudj has posted a couple of concept videos on where Apple could take its UI in iOS 7,” Electronista reports.

“Looking reminiscent of the flat Windows Phone design language combined with elements of Google Now and the new popular new Mailbox app for iOS, Kerroudj’s approach has a minimalist style,” Electronista reports. “Kerroudj’s version of iOS 7 would have a much more functional lock-screen, while also removing the skeumorphism apparent in native iOS apps like Calendar.”

Electronista reports, “What Kerroudj has demonstrated in his concept video is intriguing, especially in the way he would have Apple clean up its ‘bubble’ notifications and other UI elements.”

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    1. Agreed! I don’t see anything wrong with the current bubbles, and I absolutely abhor the direction these white, papery, arrow-heavy UIs are heading. Crisp and clean is one thing, but this stuff just looks sterile, lifeless, and unappealing.

    1. I’ve tried a couple of calendar apps, but gone back to to standard one. One thing it desperately needs is an amendment to the alerts function, so that you can set up an alert for days, weeks or months, say for birthdays, where you might need plenty of warning to allow for buying a present, or for posting long distance, or organising a party or something.
      Yes, I know you can set for ‘all day’, but there are occasions I need plenty of advance warning for booking time off for an event that isn’t all day. It shouldn’t be difficult to do.

  1. Not a bad concept, but as an iOS app designer myself, the biggest issue I have with this is how much information and how many bubbles are crammed into such a tiny space on some of these screens.

    You’d be squinting to read the tiny text on the email example, and on the music player, there are 12 songs to choose from in the space maybe 4-6 easily touchable buttons could fit in. Touch targets here are way smaller than Apples guidelines, which would make the interface very frustrating to use.

    Interesting concept though.

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