Apple patent application describes some way-out ways to protect devices during accidental drops

“On March 21, 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals a series of newly proposed protective mechanisms designed for future iDevices and MacBooks that will protect these devices that are about to fall to the floor or other surface,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The invention for a protective mechanism is configured to selectively alter a center of mass of the electronic device,” Purcher reports. “One design covers the use of an air foil while another covers the ejection of the battery in order to reduce device damage. Apple has come up with quite an elaborate design.”

Much more, including Apple patent application illustrations, in the full article here.


  1. The very first iPod came with a neck strap. To-day, there is a massive industry marketing cases for the iPhone, but it is very difficult to find the alternative of a viable neck strap. What’s the point of putting the iPhone in one’s purse or pocket when it could readily be worn around one’s neck. For precedent, refer to the original iPod. Apple has made millions replacing dropped gadgets that a neck strap would have protected.

  2. Here’s an idea…stop making it out of glass and metal. That’s one bonus of having a cheap plastic Android gizmo–my LG Spectrum 2 has a rubberized back panel–(THAT I REMOVE WHEN I CHANGE THE BATTERY………….)–that makes it hard to drop–and when I do drop it–who gives a flying NUN!!!

    I can’t make love to it the way you can to an iPhone but it’s HANDy.

      1. ..and what part about “who gives a flying nun” did you misinterpret to prove my point?

        I care less if my Android phone breaks, becasue I don’t have a relationship with it. It’s not a family member. It’s a phone. Does everyone really get that. It’s. Just. A. Phone.

    1. Yeah it’s such a hassle to not worry about keeping my phone charged and having to go from 0% battery to 100% in a matter of minutes. Yeah…pretty much sucks.

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