Apple brand less ‘inspiring,” Samsung’s ad agency says

“Technology giant Apple is perceived as less ‘inspiring’ than it was three years ago, a brand survey suggests,” BBC News reports. “The findings will heighten concerns among shareholders who have seen about $230bn wiped off Apple’s stock market value since September 2012.”

“Smartphone rival Samsung is now seen as equally ‘inspiring’ in the US, says the survey by consultancy Added Value,” The Beeb reports. “Analysts fear Apple may have lost its way since its visionary co-founder, Steve Jobs, died in October 2011.”

The Beeb reports, “While Apple’s brand still scores more highly overall, Samsung’s is more consistently appreciated across the world, particularly in East Asia, says Added Value, part of Sir Martin Sorrell’s WPP group.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber notes in a brief post entitled Journalism at Its Best: “Added Value is a subsidiary of WPP. WPP is Samsung’s ad agency. No mention of this in the story.”

Oh, Beeb.


  1. I actually picked up a 5″ Galaxy the other day, just to see what it felt like. I can’t imagine trying to use it. I was reminded of those 80’s boom boxes carried around on the user’s shoulder. It felt cheap and insubstantial. Sorry, I am now firmly convinced that comments about Samsung’s offerings being superior are simply the rationalizations of people who either for economic reasons, or because they couldn’t say “no” to a high pressure salesperson, ended up with this inferior product.

  2. Let’s run their comment back through the translator to see what they actually said:
    “Wow we really messed up on the G4 introduction. Quick, let’s try to shift the conversation away from our failure and back over to Apple.”

    And for all of us who see through this, let’s take a trick from their playbook and precede any comments we make with: “For this once great company to…”

    “For this once great company to stoop so low as to try and shift the conversation away from their missteps of late is a sign of just how much pressure Samsung is finding itself under today.”

  3. They also have a misleading caption that says:

    “Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone outsold Apple’s iPhone in the final quarter of 2012”

    Didn’t the iPhone 4s outsell the S3?

    1. The story indicated that Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple, which is true considering that Samsung makes hundreds of different smartphone models and supports multiple OSes. The caption is a classic exercise in conflating that’s oh so common in the jaded tech press.

      Otherwise, the whole story is a shoddily written propaganda piece that could just as easily have come from Samsung’s PR department. Given that the source for the story is a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung’s ad agency, it’s about as close as you get without the story coming straight from Samsung HQ.

  4. Let us forget a minute that Samsung is a inferior product and has as much personality as a Anteater, Samsung is more innovative and inspiring company than Apple. The ONLY reason for that is they back stabbed Apple. While Apple was giving them contracts to make components they took the info to use at their advantage. Now we know why Apple is secretive and holds their cards close their belt on new products.

    1. So you’re wrongly complementing Samsung as being ‘innovative and inspiring’ while slapping Apple for somehow allowing Samsung to steal the crown jewels, as if that was an inevitability. Sorry Larry, but you’re deranged today.

  5. Uh huh.

    Well, when you copy someone, dress like they do, talk like they do, some may notice. But when you invite the friends of the person you copy to your party and hardly anyone cares, means you have played the fool.

  6. Samsung have had their day in the sun. The ho-hum release of the new Galaxy S4 demonstrates how difficult it is for a company whose culture is based on copying to chart a course which is not in the footsteps of another.

    Apple will keep on being Apple. Samsung will remain in the “would be if they could be” camp. As iPhone extends its reach into China and India, the Apple naysayers (stock manipulators and others) will have to eat their words.

    The next Apple hit product (tv, gaming, something unexpected…) will demonstrate that Apple after Steve is still Apple, and everyone will calm down.

  7. I think what most of you are missing is that this “survey” was brought to you by Samsung’s Marketing Agency who then gave the information to the BBC. That my friends is some unethical shit to run as news

  8. This story marks the fourth, anti-Apple marketing campaign I’ve personally traced in the past three weeks. In these cases, the so-called “news” stories have been based on some new “survey” conducted by a large “product branding” company. This time, the survey that found Apple’s brand “less-inspiring” was conducted by Added Value, a firm owned by global marketing consultant WPP, a firm with 165,000 employees. WPP lists Google as a client.

    Why the BBC and their news organizations don’t perform the most basic due diligence and vette these stories before publication is beyond me. the survey — and the story have zero credibility or basis in fact.

      1. That is actually a lot closer to the mark than you might think. The BEEB has be one a trashy “news” source. The guy that does all the tech stuff for them is really clueless. He will say incorrect things and make them sound as if they are correct. Oh, yes, lies in other words. Thing is, most of the British take hem as words from a guru.

        BEEB now totally unscrupulous!

        1. Which ‘Paul’ are you again? You sound almost sane today.

          One of the absolute worst things the BBC did to Britain was ‘settle’ for Windows as its standard and effectively force it down the throats of BBC watching British citizens. I remember decades back all the BBC classes on TV for using DOS and Windows. What a nauseating and reprehensible FAIL to pull on an entire country. It sickens me to think of the BEEB continuing in FAIL mode into the 21st Century.

  9. There is a distinct difference between ‘inspiring’ and ‘gimmicky’.
    Samsung will always appeal to those who are impressed with ‘superficiality’, ‘bling’ and a ‘cheap price’.
    Apple Inc appeals to those who appreciate ‘innovation’, ‘consistency’ and ‘quality’, and are prepared to pay the price to get it.

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