Chinese media attack on Apple exposed; backfires badly

“An attempt by China Central Television (CCTV) to paint Apple and Volkswagen in a bad light through a celebrity-driven Sina Weibo campaign has backfired badly on the state-run media outlet after one of the celebrities posting an ‘Apple-bashing’ post accidentally included an instruction on when to post from the TV station alongside his prepared talking point,” Electronista reports.

“This prompted observant citizens to notice that a raft of celebrities had posted similar messages and posted around the same time, prompting ridicule from Weibo users,” Electronista reports. “Weibo could be considered the Facebook and Twitter of China, with nearly 400 million users. On March 15, a ‘Consumer Rights Day’ broadcast that included accusations that Apple was “biased against Chinese consumers in its warranty and customer service policies… Shortly afterwards, celebrities began posting similar “testimonials” amplifying the program’s claims along with the hashtag ‘#315onthemove,’ a reference to the TV show. The post often mentioned — incorrectly — that Apple products include a two-year warranty in the US but only a one-year warranty in China as part of the attack.

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    1. It’s gotta be true!! I say it’s true!! So it must be true! I tell ya!!! It’s true already!!! If its on the Internet IT’S GOTTA BE TRUE!!!! Especially coming from china. Right? Truthfully, Sham FULL of bribes & extortion by Gaagle & ScamScum. Never in my life, have I ever witnessed such blatant in your face global larceny of Apple’s rightfully earned and patented IP. Vomit can not be used more appropriately on this matter of infringement.

  1. Media in the US does exactly the same too. How many times have we seen a positive headline for Apple in the past 4 months. Maybe, 10% to be generous. Even the positive news are turned into a negative. Corruption in the media is worse than it’s ever been. Unless you come up with some form of payola, you will continue to get bad headlines.

    1. When you stop to think about it, the media is owned by people, just plain people. Nothing remarkabe about them, really. They’re all stupid businessmen who haven’t taken a decent shit in years.

      They’re so full of shit, everything they touch stinks. You can’t sit in the same room with these fricking editors. If the smell doesn’t drive you out, thefact that everyone around the table thinks just like their boss!

      Journalism is a lost cause because the field is overrun with fanatics.

    1. This has nothing to do with communism. It is only question that who has paid the money for this? Samsung? Who? You can ask the same question about Wall Street. It also can not be trusted. The only question is that who makes the money? Gamblers? Who?

  2. MDN , the only reason I come in here is for the “take”. You guys are always late as a news source (Very late). Being late is acceptable if you will offer the takes which usually are spot on and fun. Please don’t tell me Samsung bought this site to.

    1. MDN is not a “News Source” they are a news aggregator.

      They use other peoples hard work and content to make money. Occasionally there is a “Steve Jack” ‘editorial’ and they usually have a snarky comment at the end of their copy past job.

      Convient, yes. Original content, not so much..

  3. My iPhone has a two year warranty. The first year is covered by Apple, and the second year is covered by my pocket book.

    And now they are saying that Apple has a secret two year warranty in Australia. The EU has a mandatory two year warranty by law, etc.

    So in the US and in China, we all have a one year warranty. Frankly, warranties are a marketing thing. There is no law, at least in the US, that says anyone has to offer any kind of warranty. Well, at least 3 day, buyer’s remorse.

    Car’s and Homes are in a different category and I don’t know the laws there, but there are typical numbers.

    The Chinese need to not worry about what other countries get. There is no equality the world over. If Apple could get away with it, they would offer a 30/90 day or until out the door warranty, but so would everyone else. Again, remember it’s a marketing tool.

  4. Ah what fun, mixing a Chinawood celebrity with the state and the media and getting such an explosive reaction.

    Reminds me of the actor Ronnie, you remember Ronnie with that hit single:
    Ronnie and and ray gun running through the land,
    Ronnie and his ray gun shooting all he can.
    He shoots to the left, he shoots to the right.
    He shoots all around, everything in sight.

    And that other guy that used to act with him, that Colin character who did some mystery movie where he was supposed to go up to the UN and tell them that Iraq was behind some terrorist attack and has weapons of massive destruction. That was such a great show, totally unbelievable of course, but great acting.

      1. Hey what can I say, it happens. In terms of trolling, well the point is that I believe that such propaganda is used by all political parties, regardless of country.

        Plus I did think that my used of the term Chinawood was kinda funny, actually the song I think is kinda funny too so I hope some people are getting a chuckle out of it too.

        You can call out 2012, and then 2014, but I think his slant is some repubican, demoncrat thing. I really can’t tell the difference, all those poly ticks look the same to me.

        1. If you found it funny thats all you but i do fin it odd that no one bitches and complains about people who attack “republicans, conservatives, right wing, etc” but when someone says something bad about Mr. Obama, democrat, left wing, its all hell release then. About propagnda, both parties use it and have their minions to keep it going.

          1. ” when someone says something bad about Mr. Obama, democrat, left wing, its all hell release then.”

            I’ve seen a lot of mudslinging both sides prior to the election and I’ve seen people take swipes at each other after the election, at least at this site. What I find that is rare is people taking a swing at others for taking an international topic and making it US centric. Of course this is an American site about and American company so one should expect that.

            I can’t speak for others of course, but I don’t find Obama funny so I don’t make fun of him. Mind you I haven’t been as focused into US politics as I have in the past and that may be a reason. Now Bush Jr. HE was FUNNY, hilarious. Raygunn was funny too, Clinton was sexy and that’s funny too. Bush Sr., I never found him funny. Jimmy Carter, well I never really warmed up to his humor, seemed more like a gentle country hick, and I don’t make fun of those types.

            Anyway like I’m trying to point out, a lot of my posts here are made for fun and satire. You can call that trolling but I’ll also try to be civil and I do aim to treat most people respectfully, at least until they give me reasons to otherwise. There is one exception to that, but you’ll know when you come across it.

            Finally I do want to say that you are spot on with this: “About propagnda, both parties use it and have their minions to keep it going.”

            I think that’s the point I was trying to make. Obviously Chinese media was manipulated, the other side is as well, and all media, is now that way.

            Someone once said “The message is the media” but nowadays it’s more like “The manipulation is the media.”


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