iPhone name in peril in Mexico following Mexican Supreme Court ruling

“Apple today suffered another setback in securing the legal rights to one of its product names outside the U.S.,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET. “In a ruling this week, The Mexico Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision to keep granting ownership of the iPhone name to a company named Ifone SA.”

“Ifone SA registered the moniker in 2003, four years before Apple launched its popular smartphone,” Lowensohn reports. “Ifone SA has its own “Ifone” brand, though no smartphone product. In its own legal offensive, filed with the Industrial Property Institute, Ifone is going after Apple as well as three local mobile phone carriers for monetary damages.”

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      1. mmmmm I’m not sure I follow your logic. If it was registered to a Mexican company four years before Apple introduced their iPhone then what’s your point? They did something evil by coming up with a name before Apple? They somehow looked into a crystal ball and knew that Apple was going to call it the iPhone? Please, quit it. If Apple wants to buy it they can. If they choose not to they don’t have to. It’s as simple as that. But it has nothing to do with an evil plot. Or scheme. Or conspiracy. Jeez!

        1. I would agree if they had the name before iMac and iPod any iDevice name after that is just squatting hoping Apples next device uses the name they grabbed.

  1. Huh???? “In a ruling this week, The Mexico Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision to keep granting ownership of the iPhone name to a company named Ifone SA,”

    Doesn’t sound like the iPhone name is in peril, I think that Ifone of Mexico will be able to keep the name, so it’s not really in peril is it? Now if the Mexican supreme court was contemplating removing the iPhone name from both Apple AND IFone then it would be in peril. Darn poor reporting if you ask me.

  2. It’s always the same. Some wetbacks have a budget deficit or some Mexican judge’s hedonistic lifestyle is being curtailed by the lack of funds so what happens? They put their heads together and brainstorm. “What can we do with the gringos American dollars? How can we extort them for more Americano dollars? Yeah we’ll make them pay us. And we don’t want it in banana republic pesos either. Only hard gringo dollars. Muchos gracias Apple.”

    1. Budget deficits, corrupt officials, crooked high-level schemes. It’s the same in every country, especially in the US (where the banksters rule supreme). And American dollars will soon be equal to banana republic currency thanks to banana-republic money-printing. However, I think that if some country gets behind an extorting company, Apple should pick up its toys and not sell in that country, not officially, that is.

    2. Hey stupid! They ( Mexican company) had the fucking name first. Quit being an apologist for Apple. They didn’t ask you to do it. They don’t need your help. And you’re really bad at it. Who the fuck are you trying to impress with all this shit anyway? If Apple wants to buy it they will. If it’s for sale. Idiot!

  3. These clueless losers were riding on the popularity of the iMac and iPod. Pure and simple. They used the brand names Apple made popular to boost their product.

    No offense to those that are going to defend them, but it was a money grab no matter what they were going to try and do with the name or “product” that they made.

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