Analysts: Samsung latest plastic phone is no Apple iPhone killer

“Samsung’s Galaxy S4 debut went off largely as expected and yielded an evolutionary device that won’t dent Apple or its iPhone franchise too much, say analysts,” Larry Dignan reports for ZDNet.

“Indeed, Morgan Stanley analysts in a research note asked whether the Galaxy S4 was more like the S3S in a reference that swiped Apple’s iPhone 4S device, which was more evolutionary,” Dignan reports. “Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said: ‘We believe the S4 will certainly sell well and it is incrementally negative for Apple; however, the device is not revolutionary, in our view.’ Topeka analyst Brian White said: ‘We view the Galaxy S4 as a refresh but NOT a game changer. We believe the iPhone 5S will handily outsell Samsung’s new flagship smartphone in the second-half of the year, while we believe Apple will expand its world with a lower-priced iPhone in 2013.'”

Dignan reports, “Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said: ‘We view the S4 as unlikely to meaningfully impact iPhone share of the high-end over the full year, but do expect it to take share from other Android phones.'”

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      Plus haven’t heard anyone mention how creepy to have my phone watching me…at least with a peeping Tom, I can pull the shade!
      If I put a piece of black tape over the eyeball-watching sensor, does that mean the videos will or will not play? Plus is it like a babycam reporting to some remote South Korean site?
      Creepy MC presenting even creepier feature…

  1. “…the S4 will certainly sell well and it is incrementally negative for Apple…”. Where do these people get their ideas from? Apple is gaining market share faster than Scamdung, and will continue to do so.

    1. You do realize that the news media is always pushing how Apple is losing market share to Android OS which has to be true. It’s the finer details that are overlooked as to which Android smartphone models are being sold in the tens of millions. It’s probably just low- to mid-range, modestly priced Android smartphones and not the flagship models.

      Most people in the world just don’t have that much money to spend on flagship models, nor do they need them to impress anyone by owning them. Most consumers are not that technically adept to master some of these high-end model smartphones. That is certainly something that analysts really don’t understand about consumer sales.

      Ease of use, reliability, good customer service. Those basics will go a long way to establish a brand and keep customers returning. I’ve lived a fairly long life and those basics are a keeper when running a successful business.

      1. In India 90% of the phone have android software some people don’t even know what kind of software do they use or do they even use a software here android phone are very cheap

      2. Yep, Prem hit it on the head, the large majority of ‘roid phones counted in the “world market share” aren’t really smart phones more like feature + phones. These are bottom of the heap low dollar low margin phones and certainly don’t evoke any ‘roid brand loyalty (again as Prem pointed out many of the purchasers of these phones in china and india aren’t even aware that android is running as the kernel.)
        The way the statistics are being represented (to try to prop up android) really isn’t the truth (and certanly don’t indicate any future brand loyalty and LB tries to infer.)

        1. Oh it BURNS!!! IT BURNS!!! THE Power of Apphole compels you… THE Power of Apphole compels you…THE Power of Apphole compels you……….this is the part where you jump out the window and break your neck on the steps……………

      1. I guess you apple haters are getting a bit desprate these days eh bataylor.
        Does my soul good to see you wiggle like an earthworm on a sidewalk in july.
        Face the much vaunted S4 is nothing but another piece of cheap plastic twaddle powered by a flawed & ,malware infested OS.
        The real truth is: android sufferers are 4 times as likely to make their net phone a real iPhone than an iPhone user is to ever accept one of the flimsy plastic copies like the s4.

        1. again…i’ve been using apple products since 1991 and still do. iphone user from 2007-2012. so let me apologize for liking android better than ios. blind loyalty is for peasants.


  2. This is just noise in the machine.

    If you analyse sales of the SIII, Samsung sells about 8 million of those per quarter which totals to about 32 million a year.

    By contrast Apple sold 48 million iPhones in one single December quarter in 2012.

    Most of Samsung smartphone sales are in the much cheaper low end. I see this trend continuing. The SIV is nothing but a warmed over SIII.

          1. I’m not only tempted, I very much want the larger phone. And yes, I have tried some of the larger Android phones and have no problem handling them. I simply want a larger screen. But it has to be an iPhone. After decades using Apple stuff I’m not about to switch over to the dark side now. So I wait patiently until Apple finally catches up and produces a larger form factor iPhone. I have no choice but to wait. And as I have stated before, if they had it now they would sell like hotcakes and the stock price would not be in the toilet. And kimchee stuffed down the front of my pants sounds interesting. I may try that today.

      1. Why on Earth would anyone lock in to a contract with an Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 Android phone; its just as expensive as the iPhone?

        The value of the iPhone is built to extend well past its initial installed OS… meaning that your 3 year contract would live through several updates hence you get far more milage with Apple not only for the life of the device but also its resale value.

        you get a better device
        you get longer lasting value
        you get the best apps
        and still the coolest of phones

        1. I’m no psychologist. But there has to be a thought system whereby people buy crappy stuff and it makes reasonable sense to them to do so.

          One caveat: I actually liked a few of the software features Samsung at least conceived for the Galaxy S4. I have no idea about the execution of those ideas. The utterly inane Radio City Music Hall bullshit presentation provided not-a-clue about the quality of the features. But a few of the ideas where quite nice.

          Therefore, in this respect, the Galaxy S4 actually DOES qualify as COMPETITION with Apple. I like that! Apple, like all the rest of we mere humans, requires a good kick in the ass every now and then in order to get off break and get to work again on something new and nifty.

          Therefore, therefore: It’s not a bad thing to have people buying the Galaxy S4 and freaking Apple to some extent. It does have some meagre nice things. Yeah, it’s a MALWARE RAT HOLE. Yeah, it’s just cheap ‘polycarbonate’ plastic. Yeah, the software is significantly clunky and user-hostile and treats the user as a victim. And I’d rather drive over one with my car than be masochistic enough to use it.

          But such crudware has its uses. 😉

  3. I’m not that impressed with the 4S.But maybe the new features will surprise me? It has a larger screen which is all I’m looking for in a new iPhone. I would be very happy with the current rendition of the iPhone if it had a larger screen. From what I hear the iPhone 5S won’t have that many new bells and whistles either. So I guess I’m waiting until next year when Apple finally rolls out the larger iPhone. My 4S works very nice.

  4. I was wrong when I predicted Apple’s share price would fall on the introduction of the SGS4. Dead wrong. I’ve given up trying to make any sense of the stock market. I figured that even a modest upgrade of the supposed super-phone would bring out the doom-sayers crying how much it would cut into iPhone sales, but it didn’t turn out that way at all.

    Many Android smartphone users agreed the SGS4 is more like a SGS3s version. So, even Samsung isn’t immune to tech-head and tech-pundit yawns. Although I can’t say the SGS4 will cut into iPhone sales on its own merit, I do believe Samsung will be very aggressive in marketing the SGS4 with price reductions and decent sales personnel incentives. Samsung just needs to keep pushing for mindshare and it should work to improve sales if the SGS4 lives up to its feature list.

    Many of those advanced features will be overlooked by most casual smartphone users, so I’m not worried about that. I’m not sure why tech-heads think sales of products are based on the number of features offered. The average consumer just wants something reliable and easy to use. Someone like myself could appreciate a feature-laden device but just for curiosity’s sake or merely to say I can do it if I need it. Buy knowing users around me, they just don’t get into all that nonsense. They just can’t be bothered because they’ve got more important things to do than learn smartphone features unless someone actually shows them.

    As far as super-sized displays are concerned, I can’t draw any concrete conclusions that the American consumer is particularly drawn to oversized smartphones. They usually just buy what is presented to them or forced on them if the price is right. Just because consumers are buying them now, it doesn’t mean that they all have to like them and may go back to a smaller display on their next purchase. Only time will tell. It seems to be happening that way with Apple’s 8.9″ iPad or so the rumor goes of the iPad Mini gaining favor over the larger model.

  5. The S4 is going to be great for the internally thwarted people who need to pick inferior brands to be different than people who own superior brands.

    They are the kind of people who will say I bought a hyundai because mercedes suck.

        1. + 1,000,000

          so why the hell is anyone buying Samsung S3 or S4
          because of the screen size?

          if Apple would offer the iPad mini to function as a phone they would then HAVE the biggest BEST iPhone of all.
          AND people would not require two devices.

    1. dddd- One reason why people buy the lesser product reminds me what Billy Jean King during a tennis match in which she was
      hammering her opponent but the crowd would only scream for the underdog when she happened to win a point.
      Billy Jean ran to the scoring table and grabbed the stadium microphone and said “What’s wrong people? Is your self esteem so low you have to identify with a loser”!

  6. “… while we believe Apple will expand its world with a lower-priced iPhone in 2013.’”
    Yes, so still nothing new from Apple, just the same old thing. For how long?

    1. For how long? Well, usually until Apple bring out the next version, which by my reckoning should be June. Or was it September. Whatever, I don’t care, I’m not due an upgrade until next year anyway.

  7. S4 – what a joke! Really – waving your hand or tilting the screen to make is scroll? What bonehead at sammy thought this was a good idea? Was there really a problem using your thumb for this? Oh yea, I really want my video to pause playing when I glance away from the screen. Sammy please leave the UI to people who deeply research changes to make sure they are really useful before implementing them. Now with all this feature bloatware that most will just shut off, now you have to suck more battery juice – so the solution? Well how about a removable battery so that you can swap it after it dies after 4 hours of use. Another great “improvement” What a move in the wrong direction.

  8. I use neither an Android nor iPhone, just an un-smart flip phone. I do have an arsenal of Apple products in my home, however. With that said, I observed what happened at the S4 introduction on the live CNET blog last night. After nearly an hour of vaudeville/Broadway antics, I became numb with disbelief. If Apple had done a product announcement like that, I would have been embarrassed and ashamed. Well, watching Molly Wood and Brian Tong’s reaction was priceless. They were stunned, and found it difficult to say anything positive about the S4. Molly, was especially offended by the sexist tone of the presentation. If Samsung is flaunting its ‘coolness’ factor in the face of Apple, then what they did last night shows just the opposite of ‘cool’. The phone? What a mess of thrown together software (and hardware). Who wants or needs a 13mb camera on their mobile phone? The software features that Samsung added have dubious utility, and, from what I’ve read, are half-baked (similar to that Samsung Smart TV I bought a few years ago). Where was the intelligent design in this phone? If I were an Android fan, I’d be looking at HTC or Google’s upcoming x phone. This Korean company has difficulty relating to Americans, once they step out of their comfort zone of making TVs, appliances, and cameras.

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