Qantas offers each passenger their own Apple iPad for in-flight use

“Passengers flying Australian carrier Qantas will now be provided with individual iPads which can stream more than 200 hours of movies, TV shows and music,” AFP reports. “The new service, which supplies an iPad for use during the flight, is being offered in all classes on flights between Sydney and Honolulu on the airline’s Boeing 767 aircraft.”

“Entertainment programs are streamed directly to the iPads using the aircraft’s inflight entertainment technology, Q Streaming, which taps into the plane’s onboard WiFi,” AFP reports. “Over the next few months, new interactive games, travel and business-related apps, as well as digital newspapers and magazines will be added, says Qantas.”

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    1. First of all my handle will appear as “interloping” due to some snaffu with another website service, that I will no doubt be calling out if they can’t fix it.

      I have pointed out my distaste for the culture on that island but I have also made the comment that I reserve this for the “true blues” down under. I have never had any issues with 1-2nd generation migrants and my dealings with the aboriginal people have always been excellent.

      I will add, that I’ve had excellent exchanges with those who have traveled off the island, somehow it opens their eyes. I had one friend who spent a few years in South Korea teaching english. He came back and could not stand the place, he’s now gone to South Korea for good. I also met one true blue Aussie that really shocked me. We were discussing business and he said “You’re Canadian aren’t you?” I was quite taken aback and he then told me that he had been to the States and Canada extensively and he could tell the difference. Then he really surprised me by saying “You must find Australians to be pretty much in your face.” Now there was someone who knew.

      With this in mind, I would recommend and have recommended the island as a tourist destination. It’s a great spot to spend a few weeks on the beach, exploring the bush and the diversity of nature that is there. It’s an entirely different thing to live there. Furthermore, if and when I ever meet an Australian on my home turf I will go out of my way to connect with them, and to ensure that they are enjoying themselves as much as possible. I believe that is a mainstream approach for the majority of our citizens. I believe that traveling abroad opens the eyes for many people and Qantas is pretty smart offering an iPad for in flight use for international flights. If I had my way I’d make sure that everyone down under had an opportunity to visit a different culture. It would open their eyes and move them to a greater appreciation of understanding and respecting the differences of other countries and nationalities.

      I do hope that makes some sense.

        1. Right, that was good, and now another test. Oh for those who are interested in what has caused this, it’s

          HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED. Once you sign up for it you can’t get rid of your account. Talk about a trap.

      1. Can I ask what part of Australia you were living in? I’m an Australian who has lived in Canada and had many Canadian friends visit Australia, and your experience sounds atypical.

        1. That’s a fair question and I’ll answer it. I’ve gone ballistic with other posts before, and I still shake my head over what has happened to me there, and actually I’ve met several Canadians who have had similar experiences, one who helped keep me sane enough to get out of the country.

          Off the top of my head the larger places where I have had issues are Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Darwin. I’ve been going there since 1999 and my longest living time there was about 8 years straight.

          I’ve even had issues in smaller communities, and when I say issues I am including things like a failure to accept me as a Canadian, refusal of entry, service, or poor service in stores (even showing my passport was to no avail), and pubs, assault, sexual assault, verbal abuse, threatened, failure to engage in civilized communication once I began to talk, running away from me when I started to talk (politely I may add), and being called out in front of a crowd (those are really really scary).

          What I’ve learned from my experiences to minimize this is to tell people I am a Canadian right off the bat and to never ever go out unescorted (except to an ethnic supermarket where I felt safe). There has never been a situation where I been able to convince anyone that I wasn’t American after been called a LOUD MOUTH YANK.

          Believe me I’ve racked my brain for years trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. It wasn’t until I was with a migrant of Russian decent who witnessed more than once aggressive behavior towards me and told me that he could see nothing wrong with my approach, my tone, the words I used, my body language all seemed to be fine. It was then that I started to glean that there is a real palatable hatred for Americans down under and when that hate button is pushed there is no turning it off, at least not that I can see.

          I have met a few Canadians who have enjoyed their time there, but they were doing the tourist thing, you know Gold Coast, the beaches and so on. Those that lived and worked there, well the majority of them (and yes it’s a small sample size) could not stand it.

          I started noting altercations when I went out to try to socialize and about 25-30% of the time when I went out there was some sort of altercation.

          I’ve been back home for nearly a year now, and wow am I ever feeling better. No one has been aggressive towards me and no one has beaten me up.

          Thanks for your question, I’m glad you came to visit my country and I do hope you enjoyed it and that my reply has provided some insight. Is it atypical? I sure hope so. I don’t know what part of Australia you are from, what part of Canada you visited, but my suggestion to you would be to ensure that my fellow Canadians are always escorted when going out. That makes a big differences, although it does not always ensure one’s safety.

          1. I lived in Vancouver for a couple of years. I had a few bad experiences – constantly getting hung up on when trying to find accommodation springs to mind, and when I visited Prince Rupert I got the distinct impression that I was not welcome – even got chased out of a nightclub by about 4 guys who decided that they wanted to beat me up. Even so I found Canadians to be by and large extremely friendly, and I’m certainly not writing the entire country off based on those negative experiences.

            I have many Canadian friends – due to work and school history that I won’t go into – and I have never -ever- had one of them relate an experience similar to yours. This is across most of our major cities and even a few of the smaller regional centres where these sorts of attitudes are more prevalent. Sorry to say but your experience just doesn’t gel with what I know from a reasonably large sample of others.

            One thing to be aware of that I know many people struggle with – Australians have a very self-deprecating sense of humour and we do tend to project it onto others. We mock ourselves and others mercilessly and I have seen multiple altercations (particularly with Europeans) where the Australian sense of humour has caused serious offence. I’m not saying that this was the case with your experience necessarily but I am finding it extremely hard to reconcile what you are saying with the reality that I see every day of my life.

            1. There are a few places in Canada that I would not recommend people to go live at, certain parts of Vancouver being one of them. I hope you stayed away from Hastings Street. That said, it is a common destination and Whistler has a lot of Australians, especially during the Olympics.

              I find it appalling that my fellow Canadians would hang up on you if you were seeking accommodations. They should have at least told you that the place had already been rented. Give me their numbers and I’ll have a long talk with them. I believe you that you possibly had that type of experience, make a note of that, I’ll get back to it later.

              Guys wanting to beat you up in Prince Rupert, City of Rainbows, yeah I can see that, depending on what time of the year and evening it was and whether or not they were native. If that were the case they may have seen you as a “white man” and neglected to consider anything else. Did you take the ferry up there from Vancouver? Of all the motels/hotels I’ve stayed at, the one in Prince Rupert was the only one I’ve actually left. I had come back from a round trip to Port Hardy, (great spot at the north part of Vancouver Island by the way) and the room was well scary, the whole place was scary. I decided to drive way outside of town to a camp ground and camped in the dead of night near a bear cage on uneven ground because I felt safer there than in a motel room in Prince Rupert. I am chagrined that you had a nasty experience there, but at nightclubs, that can happen, any nightclub, so I believe you, make a note of that, I’ll get back to it later.

              You say that you have many Canadian friends and that not one of them relate an experience similar to mine. I believe you. For years I took the assaults and your LOUD MOUTH YANK SHIT and ANUSTRALIAN DENIAL with a smile, chewed it, swallowed it, thanked you for it, and even asked for seconds. If your Canadian friends have said nothing to you but great things about the island I’m glad, heck I have great things to say about the island as well. So I believe you, make a note of that, I’ll get back to it later.

              I enjoy the irony of your comments regarding self-depreciating humor. You say you have many Canadians so you should have figured out that we also have a self depreciating sense of humor. I mean one of the ways I survived years of being called a “LOUD MOUTH YANK” was to thank my lucky stars that no one, not once, has ever called me a “FECAL FILLED ANUSTRALIAN.” I mean think about it, somebody has to make Americans look good. If you want to tell me about offenses towards Europeans, go right ahead. Hey while you are at it, I’ll help you not add some more offenses like the racial riots at Paramatta, those weren’t Europeans were they? Oh and what about all that violence towards foreign students a while back. Gee they weren’t European either. I don’t have to go far into the Asia area do I, it’s such a blast when going over to Bali for a vacation. I know I know, you are just being humble when you say that your citizens’ humor can cause offense to Europeans, but as you can see, it’s so easy to add on to it. Heck what I’d really like to know is who do you NOT cause offense to. Heck you’ve even had to apologize to Pommy land because of your offensive nature.


              Your culture should take your self depreciation a bit further into self annihilation, but hey that’s just my opinion.

              Now, I have said I believe you and everything you have shared with me including this nugget “I am finding it extremely hard to reconcile what you are saying with the reality”. That is where we differ. You have trouble believing me, I don’t have any trouble believing you. That’s because I’ve learned to trust people until they give me reason otherwise. Perhaps someday you or one of your ancestors (if they still remain as Homo sapiens) might learn that as well.

              Meanwhile I’ll leave this as a final gesture, not to you Luke, but to my fellow Canadians.

              Yes, the video is lovely isn’t it, but please also pay attention to the comment by CJRoachy….”hahahaha aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi….. silly canadian”

            2. I believe that you had a bad experience, don’t get me wrong. As for it not matching what I know of Canadians visiting and living here, I can only assume that there’s two potential reasons:

              1. All of the Canadians that I know who have visited or lived in Australia have an issue with speaking their mind or sticking up for themselves, and they have all been turning the other cheek for weeks/months/years.

              2. Rather than being an issue with Australian culture, the issue was with your personality and/or attitude, and you are simply too pig-headed to realise that you have an abrasive nature.

              Given that I know option 1 is false; and all other evidence I can see from your words lends itself to option 2 being true, I’m happy to draw a conclusion on this and disregard anything else you have to say on the subject.

            3. Thank you for accepting the fact that I had a bad experience. I don’t believe all the Canadians you know have had such an experience although I do agree that we may refrain from speaking our minds, sticking up for themselves and as you put it turning the other cheek for the duration. I certainly have done this because I believe that when I go overseas I am an ambassador for my country and I want to put my best foot forward. I know others Canadians who do this as well. Now that I am back home it’s a different story, and my aim is not to upset those down under for I have nothing but total disdain for that culture, but rather to warn my fellow Canadians (and Americans) about what they may expect if they venture beyond the tourist zone.

              Your comment about having an abrasive nature is well taken and to the point. It’s more than likely the very same abrasive nature demonstrated by my fellow Canadian in the wheelchair video. It’s probably the same abrasive nature as the 7,000 former child migrants who were taken from Britain and put into state-run homes on the island where they suffered abuse and neglect but as you pointed out, that’s probably atypical… uh huh. And hey, let’s not forget about those abrasive aboriginal people still infesting your paradise island. Thank goodness you are taking a leadership role in getting rid of that abrasive behavior: “according to the United Nations, the quality of life of Aboriginal people is the second worst of the planet—only China rates worse.” (from: and other sites).

              Yes, you most definitely hit the nail on the head for I’ve traveled quite a bit around the globe and nowhere, not even in areas where I have lived as a visible or linguistic minority have I been treated with such distain as I have down under. Yes, there is indeed something very abrasive in my nature and that is more than likely my accent, my love of life and the fact that I am not an OI OI OINKER. That’s what is abrasive or as someone down under told me “Australians don’t like accents because they are insecure”. Took me years to finally get that piece of insight, but what a wonderful jewel. It’s one of the reasons I finally left, and wow, I am feeling so good about it. Why, I haven’t been beaten up or abused in over 6 months now, I can definitely get used to that and still keep my so called abrasive nature.

              I went to Australia because I wanted to, it was a dream for me, it turned out to be a nightmare and I have nothing but total disdain for those on the island, thanks to the sustained and consistent efforts of those there. Thank you for disregarding anything I have to say on the subject. I’m sure that those few left reading this will note who is closing the door of communication here. Oh, and please feel free to expand your disregard to anything I have to say on any subject.

  1. It’s about time.
    iPads are probably cheaper, more durable, definitely cooler, more usable and maintainable than whatever clunky horrid system airlines currently like to install on the seat backs infront of you.

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