Stocks rally continues, Apple joins the party

“Wall Street‘s rally kept rolling Monday, after a choppy morning gave way to gains nearly across the board,” Steve Schaefer reports for Forbes. “The modest advance saw the Dow building on record highs and the S&P 500 within 10 points of its best close of all time.”

“The 500-stock S&P added 5 points to 1,556, drawing closer to its October 2007 record finish of 1,565,” Schaefer reports. “The Dow, which breached its prior peak last week, gained 50 points to 14,447, while the Nasdaq added 9 points to 3,253.”

Schaefer reports, “Apple shares reversed early losses to join the win column, finishing 1.4% higher at $437.87. A midday spike was driven by rumors the company could tap its enormous cash hoard, which has become a target of activist investors, for a special dividend.”

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  1. mmmmmmm yeah, I think I’d hold off on getting too excited for now. An announcement about something with their cash could help a little bit. But an increased buyback and an increase in the dividend are not going to be earth shaking events. That’s reserved for new innovating product rollout,delivery of same,increased margins,new areas for products,new geographical markets etc..

  2. Let’s see if Apple holds onto those gains tomorrow. This one step forward and two steps backwards motion of Apple’s share price is becoming too common to suit my taste. We’ll have to wait to see what rumors tomorrow brings. With the Galaxy S4 going into full hype mode, I’m looking for big swings in Apple’s share price. Big display, plastic smartphones are all the rage and Samsung is raging like a maniac. My one hope is that Samsung goes Tizen 2.0 and that will be a huge blow to Android’s market share growth.

  3. If Apple goes below $400 I will be forced to sell, like it or not. But I’ll let it sit and see what the next product brings then reinvest if all looks promising again. I have not lost the faith but I’m not well off enough to ride out too much of a dip..

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