Judge scolds Apple, says company can’t be trusted in turning over evidence in privacy lawsuit

“Apple Inc. must show in detail how it’s complying with court orders to turn over evidence in a privacy lawsuit, a judge ruled, saying he can no longer rely on what the company tells him in the case,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg.

“U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal in San Jose, California, issued the order after the plaintiffs’ lawyers claimed Apple withheld documents it had previously been ordered to produce,” Rosenblatt reports. “Apple is accused in the lawsuit of collecting data on the locations of customers through iPhones, even after the device’s geo-location feature was turned off.”

Rosenblatt reports, “Apple’s resistance in the case is increasingly producing orders from Grewal that are forcing it to reveal inner workings that the company normally goes to great lengths to hide.”

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  1. How do you turn over evidence that you did not do what you said you we not going to do. There can only be evidence that you did what you said you were not going to do. No amount of fishing around Apples internal records is ever going to snag what does not exist, nor will it locate definitive proof that it does not exist. Where is the plaintiffs external proof that the location data was collected? The Judge should want to see that first.

    1. We know the data was collected… ON THE PHONE. Was ANY of this data ever transmitted ANYWHERE? Not from what I’ve read! If that is indeed the case, then what is this judge’s problem? What is the point of this entire case?!

      Oh I know! TechTardiness is rampant. The usual excuse. 😛

    1. Yes we would, because in that case it would be true without a doubt.

      Apple has never been a convulsive liar as has both Samsung and Google have in the past. Google and Samsung have never been reprimanded for anything, not even when they intentionally go against court instructions. Such as the time Samsung leaked information to AllthingsD. Apples’ deed is not even close to the liberties that Googgle gets away with time and again.

    2. That’s fun to write, but it suffers from lack of context. The suits about Apple’s location gathering processes were never accurately representing what Apple was actually gathering. Hence the lack of moral indignation seen here. Contrast that with Google who publicly saying they gather everything they can about you and process it every possible way they can use it and you begin to see why the context is so important.

      1. Indeed, this is a lawsuit based upon a misrepresentation. It is highly distasteful to me that it has gotten this far in the court system. We likely know far more about this situation than the judge in question because we value our privacy and our relationship with Apple. It is in our best interests to keep Apple honest and transparent with respect to their client/consumer policies. As far as I can tell, Apple is a leader in protecting my personal information and proactively preventing a wide range of companies from exploiting it for profit. Is Apple’s track record spotless? No, but I give them full credit for effort and commendable results.

        This is a blatant attempt at a money grab, and the plaintiff lawyers are the only ones who have any chance of profiting in a meaningful way.

        If the courts are interested in unethical behavior worthy of investigation, then they need look no farther than Google and its deliberate undermining of Apple’s privacy policies for profit.

        1. Considering that the location data was only EVER available to anyone but the USER of the phone, seeing as it never left the phone, according to ALL reports, WTF are you on about ‘sfgh’ anonymous coward troll? Do please STFU or come up with a substantial point.

  2. To all judges and lawyers… I think the benefit of having you guys are as relevant as having bankers and financiers.
    All of you only live as long as money is defined.

  3. Bceause of their incompetency with the progress of human race in this personal computing enabled world, the legal systems are failing to protect great technology patents of great companies like Apple. Their arrogance of being chosen as the business moral justice becomes the weapon of the evil companies to exploit deeper into the great Apple’s core. The evils want to steal more.

    Upgrade yourself, for justice sake, our pathetically arrogant judges and attorneys… you guys are having issues with integrating your hearts with every perceptions you were born with. A serious hardware and software integration problem. Don’t be like an Android phone. Be like an iPhone.

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