Dvorak road tests navigation apps: Apple Maps beats the competition

“On Monday I had a meeting at Apple with podcaster Leo LaPorte, TWiT CEO Lisa Kentzell, and marketing guy Glenn Rubenstein. We were in three separate cars, each with a different navigation system, and we had several places to stop, including 1 Infinite Loop at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine. “Unbeknownst to everyone else, lest they race around like madmen, this was a battle of the systems.”

“Leo was using Waze, which he thinks is great. He was misdirected in one instance and took forever to get there. He got lost for unknown reasons at another target location. Overall, he—and Waze—came in third (and last),” Dvorak writes. “Glenn, who actually inspired my idea for the test, was using Apple Maps, which he switched to after iOS 6 dumped Google Maps. ‘I don’t have any trouble with it,’ he said. ‘It works fine.'”

Dvorak writes, “In fact, it worked better than Google. On one leg from the Apple facility to a shopping mall, Glenn beat me, though just barely. Leo was the laggard. But then from that location to a lunch spot, Glenn and I followed each other. Suddenly, Glenn jumped on to the freeway as Google Maps directed me through the city streets for a cut across town… Glenn arrived at least five minutes ahead of me. I gave the nod to Apple and now wonder what the fuss was about.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The “fuss” is FUD based upon an overhyped launch that should’ve been labeled “beta” (heckuva job, Scottie; here’s your pink slip) which contained some errors which immediately opened Apple up to critics, competitors, stock manipulators, and haters who are continually lying in wait, ready to pounce. As with virtually everything “bad” that the general population hears about Apple, it’s a mountain made out of a molehill that’s intended to damage Apple in some way.

This is no different than “iPod screen scratches,” “Antennagate,” etc. Take a minor issue (or invent one) and then blow it all out of proportion in the media echo chamber in a quixotic attempt to slow down the inevitable record-shattering iPhone 5 sales. These sort of FUD campaigns have been going on after major Apple product releases for years. Antennagate was a two-parter – they actually used it twice! (Nothing smells worse than recycled FUD.)

Just like all the anti-Apple FUD that’s gone before, this won’t work, either.MacDailyNews Take, September 20, 2012

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  1. As with virtually everything “bad” that the general population hears about the GOP, it’s a mountain made out of a molehill that’s intended to damage Republicans in some way.

    Like closing volunteer White House tours, warning of airport delays, starving senior citizens, claiming Capitol janitors were getting their pay cut, etc. in order to fool low-information voters into blaming Republicans for having half an ounce of fiscal responsibility.

    Have fun ducking drones. U.S. Libs have lost their way.

      1. Ah, “First” and others like him are paid to do this, paid by the post to pollute every thought stream in America. Still waiting for a denial on this.

    1. U.S. democrat/liberal/progressives must enjoy having their intelligence vastly underestimated and being repeatedly lied to directly in their faces.

      At this point, it’s the only explanation.

      1. Hey Rand, it’s Tbone. haven’t seen you in a while. How’s the wife and kids?

        Say, you must have a sore throat from all that filibustering. makes you feel like Jimmy Stewart, doesn’t it?

        What were you going on about anyway?

        I got the gun you sent me in the mail. It’s nice. I’m glad you’re working hard to keep Washington off my back. But I gotta tell you. He’s been dead for a long time, and it really hasn’t been much of a problem. Now that Reagan, always looking for a place to nap. What a character!

        The Obamas are nice, although their dog is not as friendly as it seems on TV. Oh well…

      2. Anyone that can see more than black and white can quickly observe that political belief, especially in the USA, in not just similar to brainwashing but involves marked differences in brain structure and function. American Republicans have greater activity in the amygdala, associated with the flight-fight response (stress response, fear, anger) while Democrats have greater activity in the insula, associated with self awareness and social awareness. These brain structure findings can predict whether some will be a Republican or Democrat with 83% accuracy. It is so far best predictive model known, outperforming the model based on what political beliefs one’s parents have and genetic models. These brain structure alterations go beyond inheritance and suggest that affiliation with a political party and its ideas changes the brain.

        “Liberals and conservatives exhibit different cognitive styles and converging lines of evidence suggest that biology influences differences in their political attitudes and beliefs. In particular, a recent study of young adults suggests that liberals and conservatives have significantly different brain structure, with liberals showing increased gray matter volume in the anterior cingulate cortex, and conservatives showing increased gray matter volume in the in the amygdala. Here, we explore differences in brain function in liberals and conservatives by matching publicly-available voter records to 82 subjects who performed a risk-taking task during functional imaging. Although the risk-taking behavior of Democrats (liberals) and Republicans (conservatives) did not differ, their brain activity did. Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala. In fact, a two parameter model of partisanship based on amygdala and insula activations yields a better fitting model of partisanship than a well-established model based on parental socialization of party identification long thought to be one of the core findings of political science. These results suggest that liberals and conservatives engage different cognitive processes when they think about risk, and they support recent evidence that conservatives show greater sensitivity to threatening stimuli.”

        Citation: Schreiber D, Fonzo G, Simmons AN, Dawes CT, Flagan T, et al. (2013) Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans. PLoS ONE 8(2): e52970. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0052970

        1. As has been pointed out in other reports on this study, 82 subjects are nowhere near enough for meaningful results.

          Besides, the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, developed by the Advocates for Self-Government, is much more accurate.

          1. In statistics, there are calculations to prove relevancy within tolerances. For this study to have made it passed pear review, it would have been subjected to rigorous standards. It makes sense that conservatives are driven by fear and liberals are more courageous in their beliefs.

      1. De Nile ain’t just a locust infested river in Egypt, it’s a permanent state of mind of those who decisively LOST the last election and continue to mach lock step into oblivion and the anals of history.

    2. Democrats. Republicans. Liberals. Conservatives.

      Four terms that are now completely obsolete because they don’t mean a damn thing. They should just merge, and rename the conglomeration as an homage to “The Know-Nothing Party”

      You can probably throw in there Communists and Capitalists. Nobody can tell you the difference between them anymore. The words mean nothing.

    3. F14T16, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, and I think you’re way off topic here.

      There’s no denying that the mainstream media has an agenda, and that they jump to conclusions so much as to make Chicken Little seem like a model of investigation and deliberation. But just HOW does the Apple Maps anti-hype damage Republicans???

    4. The exact same can be said of nearly all statements made about Dems. Party politics is broken and we are all ill-informed as a result.

      Until we start voting the actual issues and not the bullshit issues that keep being thrown in our way to distract us, we’ll never make any progress and those in power will continue to get away with wasting our time and money.

    5. And that has what to do with maps? Please explain what point you’re trying to make about the subject at hand with your post, because to everyone else you’re talking crap, as usual.

  2. I just really don’t understand why the table is not completely turned around re Apple v. Samsung. As an American, I despise Samdung and its tactics and have nothing but respect for Apple and the way they do business. Yet to hear the press, you would think that Samescum is the underdog hero and Apple the villain. I realize that this post is a little off topic, but all of the negative press regarding Apple, all these attempts to belittle the company, compared to the apparent dearth of articles demonizing the true felon leave me disheartened. That anyone would choose a Scamdung product over an Apple product (anyone who is American at any rate, Judge Koh can buy whatever she wants as far as I’m concerned) is beyond my ken. I just don’t understand why we don’t see Apple being praised by the press for all that they do, instead of being dumped upon. Color me stumped.

    1. It’s really quite simple, modern day society is balanced towards fear, greed, anger, war and apocalyptic tendencies. It’s just preparation for the next culling. People need to be ready for such a massive wipe out of the population.

      Projecting the news makes more money than reporting the news. Selling fear makes more money than love, bliss, and joy actually those concepts are viewed as dangerous to modern day society.

      Apple is not in debt, Apple believes in empowering the individual (the power to be your best), Apple believes in emotional balance (Think different = feel) and those values have no place in a modern day world.

      The present is dark, in terms of color this is indigo, the darkest and least luminous of all the colors. It represents our incredible scientific and technological achievements but it lacks environmental awareness. The future is bright but that’s another color coming up.

      1. Actually, I think it’s much simpler than that.
        80% do no thinking outside of their cosy preconceptions which are not usually challenged by their limited experiences from birth to death. Much easier to milk an opportunity and get one over your competitors. We are encouraged to demand more, get more, consume more…in order to be successful. Thinking definitely not required.

      2. Road Warrior, “Read State of Fear” by the late Michael Crichton. About midway through the story is an excellent dialog on exactly what you are talking about, selling fear.

  3. All map systems including dedicated ones need to be used with caution
    I have all of the mentioned and Navigon for iOS and a dedicated Garmin unit
    IPhone running Apple maps is the best

  4. To be honest, Apple’s maps were pretty bad when they first came out. There are still a lot of problems here and there. But they’ve been fixing them. I regularly check maps on my iPad to see which problems have been fixed.

    Right now, most of the problems are in foreign countries, where the fixes are slower. It’s good they’ve hired more people.

  5. Well, I really love Apple, but when it comes to maps, not so much. My little village in Germany cannot be found in Apple maps, if does not exist. Absolutely no problem in Google maps app.

    When I scroll to my village manually, the satellite image is extremely old and black and white in Apple maps. What? Is Nixon still president? No problem in Google maps, full color, much better resolution and up to date.

    I wish I had a better result, but people who want to visit me cannot use Apple maps at all.

    1. Agreed. In Brazil, things are a bit strange. Sometimes Apple maps is great, and other times places don’t exist. It’s understandable from a tech perspective, but it gives a really bad impression internationally. It shouldn’t be but it’s kind of like a personal insult when your city or your street does not exist. Mapping is finicky stuff, and I really hope Apple is up for the job, because the App itself is awesome and way better (smoother, faster, cleaner) than the current Google implementation.

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