Can Microsoft executives really be that stupid?

“So here we go again. An AP story out of Amsterdam this week reports that the European Union Commission has fined Microsoft the princely sum of $733 million. Why? Well, as many of you recall, Microsoft was supposed to offer Windows users in Europe a choice of browsers when they first setup the OS, or their new PCs,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl.

“That agreement came out of a 2009 settlement, in which Microsoft paid a fine of 860 million euros (over $1.12 billion based on current exchange rates) to give customers a way to choose a browser other than Internet Explorer,” Steinberg writes. “You’d think that would have been the end of it, as this agreement seems one that’s fairly easy to fulfill, right? But not so.”

“According to the report on the latest findings, Microsoft failed to offer the browser choice on some 15 million installations of Windows 7 in Europe from May 2011 until July 2012,” Steinberg writes. “Microsoft admitted the transgression, saying it was a mistake, and evidently cooperated in the investigation.”

Steinberg writes, “The mind boggles.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, and likely even stupider.

From Vista to Zune to laughing at, and holding funerals for, the iPhone to the Big Ass Table, then Kin, Windows RT, Windows 8ista, Surface… the stupidity emanating out of Redmond seems limitless (unless their intent is to invent new synonyms for “crap,” in which case they’re certifiable geniuses.)

A fish is stupid from the head down.

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    1. Well I wouldn’t be so smug about this (much as I REALLY wanna be!) since it wasn’t the sharpest thing Apple did not calling Apple Maps a Beta. Something that would have been a lot simpler to do than Microsoft’s browser choice. Or done a better job, maybe it was impossible, getting out new iMacs Q4 2012 and helped users and investors alike on that one. The difference is Apple learns from their mistakes but Ballmer just makes new ones.

        1. I completely disagree! They’re stupid. They’re called smart! This kind of atitude in busuness is called that way. That’s another example where the crime pays well. In order for mafiasoft feel the pain, the fine must be 5 billion dollars.

  1. Microsoft executives are too arrogant and self-centered to be stupid. Abiding by that existing agreement did not help any executive’s bottom line. It was just an implementation expense that no one wanted to deal with… So no one cared.

  2. Ummm. Somehow has to give a little credit to Eric Schmidt the mole that he realizes the only way to know how to create great electronic products is to sit in Apple’s board. At least he did that. But the actual Android UX experience still somehow crippled. Oh. It’s a Microsoft article…

  3. They knew full well what they were doing. Just waiting to see how long before they’d get caught and get away with as much as possible until they did. I told you, my Teenager could work for Microsloth. Has the same attitude!

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