Apple rises with market on favorable analyst notes

“Stocks maintained momentum from yesterday’s close with the Dow increasing 0.99% to 14,267.65. The index is eying its all-time closing high of 14,164.53,” Christopher Witrak reports for Minyanville. “The S&P 500 climbed 1.03% to 1540.84, and the Nasdaq jumped 1.28% to 3,222.62.”

“Apple (AAPL) has rebounded today,” Witrak reports. “Analysts issued some favorable notes on the tech company. Pacific Crest cited research that states iPhone and iPad sales will be match its estimates for the current quarter. Plus, UBS stands by its price target of $600, referencing a currently ‘reasonable’ valuation.”

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  1. The only thing blocking the daily analysts BS is time. People STILL hear the crap but some place short of at cash value, even the stupid people are going to realize that selling AAPL at this price is the dumbest thing being pushed by Wall Street!

    All the weak investors have been stripped of their stock. Move along analysts to your next victim.

  2. I am kinda leaning to a conspiracy theory on Apple, and I am not one who usually believes in conspiracy theories! Apple was so far out in the lead that quite a few reports listed how Apple’s value alone skewed the stockmarket. Powers that be, including WS don’t like that. There has been no repercussions to “speculators” of news that sent Apple’s stock diving. There is not rational for the stock to dive; no rational for no re-percussions for “devaluation of stock because of speculative news” on that magnitude.

    There have been some plausable explanations given on some points, but for the overall picture, something is well hidden from public view, and supported by the hidden powers that be.

  3. Grasping at straws that we celebrate occasional uptick during the continuing collapse of AAPL. Will probably give it all back tomorrow. Desperate for something good, even its just for the moment.

  4. Who’s crystal ball do they look into to get Apple to match “their” prospective estimates on sales of product?

    And based on such whims, the stock goes up or down? Remember that when the stock goes down, it changed hands with someone who “buys low”. Follow the money. Suckers buy as stock goes up because “somebody” sells.

    Apple needs accelerate its buy-back program while the stock is low and save itself a lot of money – and grief. It’s mantra should be “Reduce the Liabilities!”

  5. Maybe it’s time for analysts to buy that summer home, so they buy a bunch of Apple, talk good about it, push that stock up, then sell off, taking the profit, and poof! Free summer home for nothing more than taxes!

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