Because of Steve Jobs’ first public iPhone call, Starbucks still gets orders for 4,000 lattes

“On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs took out his iPhone and dialed a Starbucks in San Francisco. ‘Good morning,’ answered the polite voice of employee Ying Hang ‘Hannah’ Zhang. ‘How may I help you?'” Austin Carr reports for Fast Company. “‘Yes, I’d like to order 4,000 lattes to go, please,’ Jobs said, grinning. ‘No, just kidding. Wrong number. Goodbye!'”

“As Jobs hung up, a large crowd in front of him erupted in laughter. That’s because this wasn’t some private prank call. Jobs was on stage at the Moscone Center, where he had just unveiled the iPhone to the world,” Carr reports. “His call to the Starbucks that day was the first real public phone call made from an iPhone in history… For Starbucks employee Zhang, there was no way of knowing a smartphone revolution was on the horizon. To her that day six years ago, it was just another prank phone call. Little did she know it was from Steve Jobs.”

Carr reports, “With help from Starbucks, Fast Company was able to track down Zhang, a soft-spoken barista who goes by ‘Hannah.’ Sincere and sweet, Hannah has been working at the same Starbucks for more than a half-decade… Funny enough, now orders for 4,000 lattes are more common, thanks to the endless droves of Apple fanboys still wanting to partake in some aspect of Jobs’s legacy. ‘Before him, no [we never received such an order],’ Hannah says. ‘After he made the call, everyone copied him, prank calling our store and ordering thousands of lattes–to this day!'”

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  1. I must have watched that presentation a thousand times. It’s what comforted me during those agonizing six months before the first iDay on June 29, 2007. I’ve never lusted for anything the way I wanted that iPhone.

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