Woman sues Apple claiming iPod touch blew up in her face

“Apple was sued by Tina King late on Wednesday [Feb. 20] for $75,000 in a personal injury/ product liability lawsuit,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“King alleges that her iPod touch blew up in her face while listening to her music,” Purcher reports. “Her incurred medical costs were claimed to be a whopping $600. That’s right, $600, which is about the cost of a Band-Aid these days at a local hospital or clinic.”

Purcher reports, “Yet that will somehow cost Apple $75,000 if it is found liable. The formal complaint was filed in Eastern Texas. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Rocket Docket” for the win, Alex!


    1. So why the fsk do you use the term liberal here. To incite hate? She is an asshole plain and simple. May be liberal, may be conservative. God knows both abound with assholes.

      Kinda like your statement.

    2. @iMaki

      Actually she is a die hard Republican and her entire family comes from a line of Republicans. Her mother is a member of the Tea Party and the iPod blew up in her face while she was listening to music in the voting machine right after she voted for Mitt Romney.

      You need to correct you statement because from the information presented CLEARLY her grandfather was best friends with Mitt Romney’s father. How come you couldn’t figure that out? It’s so obvious that I can’t figure out how you mistakingly thought she was a liberal.

      (Also for your information, out of the $600 she paid that day to the hospital, $300 was immediately donated to the Republican Party)

      Read the Article again and I am sure you will agree that she CAN’T possibly be a liberal. It’s all in there!

  1. I wondered why Apple stock took another hit today. I’d say one explosion out of 50 million iPhones SHOULD send investors into a share-dumping frenzy. I heard that such a thing could never happen to any Samsung smartphone because they’re perfectly built and cheap enough for a consumer to accept a face job if it did happen.

  2. Someone didn’t know what to do with those little round things that are connect by wire to a headphone jack … Why in hell would you hold a touch to your head to listen to music?

  3. Oh look! Yet another faceless Apple victim. How’s the cheap third party battery replacements working out?? Ever wonder why Apple insists on sealed, (non user replaceable) battery devices??? /s

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