Apple stock rumors: Stop the madness

“The mania over Apple (AAPL) shares and the company in general has reached a new low,” Eric Dutram writes for Yahoo Finance. “Lately, investors have been focused in on a possible stock spilt for the next reason to be hopeful on the company’s prospects in the near term.”

“This is despite the fact that a stock split after a nearly 30% crash in a few months is, to put it mildly, absurd. Don’t companies usually try to do splits at lofty prices instead of waiting for a catastrophe as a weak attempt to juice prices?” Dutram writes. “I for one had been thinking about jumping into AAPL at these depressed levels, but some of these recent events have made me reconsider. The stock is still trading on rumors and conjecture, but not even about the company’s business anymore, or the ‘Holy Grail’ of iTV. Instead it is about meaningless things like stock splits and how insane the cash pile will get before something is done about it.”

Dutram writes, “I think I will be staying away until a more coherent policy is developed regarding the firm’s outlook both in terms of products and dividends. Still, I do believe that more dividends have to be coming for AAPL, but I wonder what took so long in the first place.”

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  1. Ever notice that there are no, NOT ONE, cutting edge rumor about something new from and other tech, phone or computer company. Really! Only Apple can innovate and the rest will follow and claim it as their own. Those companies are collapsing and only a shadow of what they were and yet, Apple get all the crap. Apple is growing in many markets, (some that they created), they have cash piling up in the bank, great quality, the greatest dollar per square foot of store, … And they all ask, when will Apple create the next great thing so we can rip them off again!

  2. Hit $440 today. There’s nothing that says it can’t go much lower. Apparently Tim Cook didn’t make shareholders very happy today. It’s not looking good. That’s $265 it has dropped since September. Ouch!

  3. I think Apple should do more by coming to the defense of its stock price. Like nixing false and damaging rumors before they have a chance to be spread to every blogger on the planet. And I wish they would be aggressive with criticism of those “analysts” who get Apple so wrong so consistently. In other words I want Cook to fight back.

  4. This has nothing to do with apple performance or future growth. Just one silly complaint after another. Too much money? Record income in history of company? Entering into china and India? This causes the stock to drop. This is stock market madness. Nothing to be bothered with the facts.

  5. Apple has thought long and hard about ways to curb stock manipulation by large funds and decided that under current SEC law nothing can be done. Therefore, the only action to take in order to preserve the goal of the company to make the best products is to buy back all the stock and go private. And they’ve already started.

          1. the only math you need to know is 980 million shares outstanding with a stock price heading below 400 soon and maybe lower if the market crashes. Wall Street won’t stop with the negative attacks and downward pressure on the stock until it’s near 350. Money is cheap these days and if they were private they wouldn’t have to put up with all the WS BS. I’d do it in a minute. Tell me why you think it’s such an outlandish idea Weekend.

  6. Apple does nothing to promote its own cause. It lets the markets take a beating, analysts be outrageous and the stock get manipulated beyond recognition. The mantra of great products at a great price is not effective against the spate of misinformation out in the tech news world. Do you think Mercedes or BMW would put up with this amount of attacks without mounting their own PR initiatives?

    What positive news has Apple put forth lately that has anything besides its sales and profits.

    I’d fire the PR firm.

    BTW- the stock price is open to manipulation by exterior forces. I believe you call that capitalism.

  7. Unlike Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Ted Waitt (Gateway), and Larry Ellison, Apple leadership has always ignored the games people play on Wall Street, preferring to make the greatest products on the planet and let the stock find its own level. If they start wasting their time on ways to fluff up the stock, then then I’ll know the company is in decline. Give the world new products everyone has to have, and the stock will follow. So let’s see some of the future Cook has said they are busy inventing. There have been no major product moves since Steve died, and I don’t know of any scheduled announcements.

  8. This forum is loaded with foolish people. On a day when the stock market thunders to a five year high, AAPL takes another dive all because the CEO of the company opened his mouth and uttered nothing but further proof that he is clueless. Until he’s gone, AAPL knows no bottom.

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