Apple App Store rejecting iOS apps using cookie-tracking methods

“Mobile app developers using a technology called ‘cookie tracking’ (sometimes called ‘Safari flip-flop’ or ‘HTML5 first party cookies’) are starting to have their apps rejected by Apple’s App Review team, we’ve heard from a few different industry sources,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch.

“With this method in place, Safari is opened upon first launch in order to read a cookie that may exist from a user’s past interactions with ads,” Perez reports. ” In terms of the user experience, it’s not ideal, but it is one that some app makers are utilizing as an alternative to the deprecated UDID – the unique device identifier that Apple first announced plans to phase out back in mid-2011.”

Perez reports, “Apple likely wants developers to start transitioning to its own Ad Identifier technology. The Advertising Identifier, as explained in Apple’s iOS 6 Settings (General –> About –> Advertising –> Limit Ad Tracking), states that ‘in the future, all advertising networks will be required to use the Advertising Identifier.’ In other words, Apple’s intention is that this method should eventually become the standard.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. A year ago I took total control over my cookies on my Macs. I also have total control over ads, JavaScript, Java and Flash/Shockwave crap.

    Then there’s web browsing on my iOS devices: Cross out Java and Flash/Shockwave crap. But most iOS browsers, certainly Safari, provide NO control over cookies, ads or JavaScript. I don’t like that. I am the boss of my web browsing, not corporate marketing dweebs. A great case for evasi0n?

      1. Yahoo is a sinking shit. MM just ordered an end to workers working from home. She claims they are needed in the cubicles for “collaboration” and “creativity”.

        A tech company that requires physical space for collaboration in 2013 is doomed. This tells me management is set on 20th century ways and doesn’t have a clue what their workers are doing.

        Destroying the moral of your coders and subjecting them to the sales and bean counters for non productive meetings to “collaborate” is so 90’s…

    1. I switched also. When MDN had that poll asking which browser do you use, it made me think…hmm.. why AM I still using Google? So I switched to Yahoo. All works great.

  2. Get the Yahoo! Chick on the Red Ball! @ her desk! I gotta hand it to her Thinks On Top of Her Ball. That’s Different. Yahoo! Must Play Truthful. Very rare on the globe these days.

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