World’s biggest computer maker: Apple Inc.

“Its time to update the biggest computer-maker listing,” Tomi Ahonen writes for Communities Dominate Brands. “I really wish the big analyst houses would take over this chore, they report on the data separately already, but yes, I was the first to start to count smartphones into the total computer shipment numbers and have reported that statistic now for many years already.”

“I have taken total computer shipments in units (mainframes, desktop PCs, laptop PCs, notebook and netbook PCs; plus tablet PCs like the iPad, Kindle and and Galaxy Tab; and smartphones – but not basic ‘featurephones’),” Ahonen writes. “I used the best available data such as summaries by Gartner and IDC, plus individual company data for the non-smartphone computer data, and my own company analysis for the smartphone data for year 2012.”

Largest Computer Makers When Smartphones & Tablets Included
Rank (was) – Brand – Units 2012 – Market Share 2012

1 (1) – Apple – 272 M – 22%
2 (2) – Samsung – 249 M – 20%
3 (6) – Lenovo – 77 M – 6%
4 (4) – HP – 59 M – 5%
5 (-) – Huawei – 55 M – 4%
6 (7) – Dell – 38 M – 3%
7 (10) – Sony – 37 M – 3%
8 (9) – Acer – 36 M – 3%
9 (3) – Nokia – 35 M – 3%
10 (-) – ZTE – 35 M – 3%
Others – 331 M – 27%
TOTAL: 1,224 M

Source: TomiAhonen Almanac 2013 from company and industry data, February 2013

Largest Operating Systems Of Computers When Smartphones & Tablets Included
Rank (was) – Brand – Units 2012 – Market Share 2012 (Market Share 2011)
1 (2) – Android – 462 M – 38% (23%)
1 (1) – Windows – 296 M – 24% (31%)
3 (3) – iOS – 272 M – 22% (21%)
4 (5) – Blackberry – 34 M – 3% (6%)
5 (4) – Symbian – 19 M – 2% (9%)
Others – 141 M – 12%
TOTAL: 1,224 M

Source: TomiAhonen Almanac 2013 from company and industry data, February 2013

Ahonen writes, “The overwhelming market dominance of Microsoft in the computer industry has now ended.”

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  1. Marketer- not maker.

    Acer manufactures, Apple does not.

    Apple designs and markets- they do not manufacture. The closed the plants in Ireland and California under Tim Cook’s tenure before his CEO days.

    1. Well, that’s not a terrible summary. But it’s simplistic. Apple does FAR more than design and market. I suspect you can create a list of all those FURTHER things Apple does as well as I can.

      NEVER underestimate the market DEMAND that all manufactured goods be cheap Cheap CHEAP! Many companies were dragged kicking and screaming into manufacturing outside of the USA. Rubbermaid is a classic example. There was no possible way Apple could compete in costs with other computer and computer gadget makers without migrating, just like EVERYONE ELSE, over to the cheap Cheap CHEAP overseas regions for manufacturing.

      I’m not sure Apple exactly chose China. I know they chose Foxconn, who are based in Taiwan, who expanding into China. Certainly, Tim Cook is at Apple specifically because of his experiences with China.

      I personally NEVER believed it was wise to become beholden to China for anything. The place is a criminal hell hole, proven every single day in the news. I know China has consistently damaged Apple from many angles. Fake Apple stores, parasitic lawsuits, PR destroying riots at real Apple stores, product resale scalping, blahblahblah. China never deserved Apple’s business or mine. 😛

  2. Is AppleTV, the hobby box included as a part of units shipped? As far as I’m concerned AppleTV is a unit and it has shipped. Even though not an outright OS it is tied into many content providers and therefore an ecosystem within an ecosystem. It will only improve over time. Apple is waiting to pounce with its next BIG THING. Apple will know just the right moment to pounce. Once again it will take the naysayers by suprise. In addition it will not only be ignored by the self-righteous, inept, condescending Wall Street ANALists but fully blasted for releasing such an EXPENSIVE product!!!
    WTF is this Chrome Pixel POS!!? CHEAP!? Watch how the media spins this PC O GARBAGE.!! BEST NEW INNOVATION !!!!! GOOGLE TO $1000.00. Just depressingly reDONKulous. Pixel MY ASS!

  3. You should never take ANYTHING that Tomi Ahonen takes at face value. He has a habit of getting many things wrong.

    136 M iPhones
    66 M iPads
    17 M Macs
    ?? M iPod Touch

    I’ll let you do the math(s) !!

        1. You mean this?

          and this

          True. I can’t get these numbers to match. iPod Touch is selling more than 50%. Calculated from the ASP.

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