Goldman Sachs: Apple out, AIG in as hedge fund fave

“Is AIG the new Apple Inc.?” Sara Sjolin asks for MarketWatch.

“Well, it could be, in a stock performance perspective anyway, when looking at the latest hedge fund trends presented by Goldman Sachs,” Sjolin reports. “It’s not like the Apple darling is falling completely out of favor, but the coveted stock has shaved off 15% so far this year and has — for the first time in three years — been defeated as the top hedge-fund position.”

Sjolin reports, “On the Goldman Sachs hedge fund VIP list (and here we’re talking Very Important Positions of course, not any of that glamorous people hunting) the iPhone and iPad maker now finds itself beaten by insurance giant American International Group Inc. AIG -1.52% with 117 funds holding the stock and 80 funds holding it as top 10 choice.”

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  1. Wasn’t Tim Cook at Goldman Tech conference just a week ago as
    opening speaker and now Goldman drops APPLE . Tim Cook better
    learn that Wall Street cannot be trusted what so ever at all.That is just not the way of being non-Steve Jobs, Tim is being screwed by
    Wall St since the last 3 quarters. Oh Timmy.

  2. AIG
    “Always ready to ruin your country’s economy for the sake of our short-term profit.”
    They should be looked at as one looks at a tapeworm. I guess this is yet another light on the depravity of Wall Street.

      1. Goldman Sachs successfully lobbied to repeal Glass-Steagal whose repeal caused all the bad mortgages & national financial mess. Now that they’ve had control of the white house for two terms, they’ve written the laws to sack the country – unlimited borrowing at zero percent for one thing. AIG was only bailed-out because AIG owe billions to Goldman Sachs. This new endorsement of AIG is very suspect, because every executive of Goldman Sachs & anyone associated like relatives/friends whose accounts fattened exponentially since the first TARP, should have all their money confiscated, especially from accounts overseas, & the executives should get prison sentences. But of course new laws probably make Goldman Sachs executives untouchable, and make accusers into terrorists.

    1. Absolutely so, fscuttle! Until Apple broadens the investor base, thereby removing much of the unbridled influence of hedge fund managers and their ilk, AAPL will languish and fall to whatever price THEY decide to take it. And that is a fact. NOTE: 100 AAPL shares @ 44 ≠ 10 shares @ 440. Human nature intervenes in the equation, and the former is much more desirable and accessible. I know from very personal experience.

  3. Actually, I see this as good news. The huge hedge funds are able to drive stocks in any direction they wish — irrespective of fundamental value — just by the size of their movements and holdings.

  4. The hedge funds just drift around like leeches or parasites searching hard to find new hosts for a quick feed and then they’re off to somewhere else. They seem to have found out they can’t get a drop more blood out of Apple and have to look elsewhere to feed. It must really bug those hedge fund managers that there’s a huge bag of blood Apple is holding and they can’t touch it.

  5. AIG, a hedge fund fave! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    That is the single most INSANE business analcyst comment I have ever read.

    FSCK -U Goldman Sachs, you DEADLY parasites.

    Listen to this SICK ASS company Goldman Sachs at your PERIL.

    AIG! The bastards who took our US taxpayer BAILOUT and had a $700,000 PARTY with the cash THE NEXT MONTH! The company that considered suing the US government because they didn’t think their BAILOUT was ‘fair’. Yes please, foolish investors, throw your money into The FAIL boat AIG. 😯 Damn! What a sick age.

  6. This is the same AIG that helped cause the economic collapse? This is a fine example of why hedge fund managers shouldn’t be allowed manage the hedges that run through their yards.

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