Apple releases iTunes 11.0.2

Apple today released iTunes 11.0.2 which adds a new “Composers” view for music, improves responsiveness when syncing playlists with a large number of songs, and fixes an issue where purchases may not show up in your iTunes library.

This update also includes other stability and performance improvements.

iTunes 11.0.2 is available via Software Update.


  1. Cool.

    Loving iTunes so much these days with AirPlay. Well on my way to have a collection of nearly 1500 CDs all ripped to Apple Lossless to be enjoyed in one four different rooms in the house via Apple TV and Airport Express.

    The whole family is enjoying music more than ever these days. Thanks, Apple!

  2. i really, really don’t like the new itunes. they have eliminated several things that were useful with no alternatives. previously if you used the numbers on the side with shuffle it would show the shuffled list. now it does nothing and you have to use another button near the top to see only part of the list. the time for the play list used to be displayed in hours and minutes, not now – and you really need the precision when you are preparing to burn to a cd. you used to be able to have multiple windows which was useful for setting up a manual playlist – can’t do this any more afaik. and other things too. apple really messed up this so-called upgrade.

    1. That’s curious: I see the numbers in the shuffled list and the time along with each track, and in the status bar at the bottom of the window, the number of tracks, the total time of the playlist, and the size in MB of the playlist. Perhaps you have some corrupted preferences?

      1. yes, i see the numbers, the time, etc. but in the old itunes when you selected the numbers as the sorting column when you went from shuffled to unshuffled and back again the order of the songs would change in the display. now it doesn’t change; in other words choosing the numbers as the sorting column doesn’t do anything.
        there is no status bar at the bottom of the window any more. there seems to be a lot of discussion about this all over the web, along with other problems with itunes.

  3. The new iTunes plays my music the way I want it played, over every wifi connected device in my house. Then it updates the playlist and does the same damn thing again the next time I start it. BO-RING.

    1. In other words, no improvement to iTunes since 2010?

      Popular consensus is that iTunes 11 offers no significant usability or performance enhancements, but instead pares back several features that many users liked.

      This is not the innovation that Apple used to be known for. iTunes 11 represents yet another pointless incremental release of dubious quality that Microsoft would squirt out. Apple fans expect better.

  4. I’ve already encountered a very annoying bug in this update. The new status bar allows you to change library/album/song time to proper format (instead of the horrendous decimal format which they for some reason think is necessary), but if you select multiple songs, the status bar will display the length as 00:00, with zero KB. Then, after you click away, all albums will reset to decimal format time again. Thanks Apple. You’ve made the status bar even worse. Got any more stupid ways to ruin my music collection?

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