Barnes & Noble reports weak Christmas sales for Nook tablet, sees Nook unit loss increasing in 2013

“Barnes & Noble Inc said on Wednesday it expects its Nook business to post an increased full-year loss in fiscal 2013, as the top U.S. bookstore chain struggles with slower sales of e-readers and e-books and rising costs,” Tej Sapru reports for Reuters.

“Barnes & Noble said it expects an earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) loss at the Nook business to exceed the $262 million loss recorded in fiscal 2012,” Sapru reports. “The company also reported weak holiday sales for the Nook in January as it sold fewer e-readers and tablets at its own stores.”

Sapru reports, “Barnes & Noble will report third-quarter results before markets open on February 28.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Maybe they ought to wait until after markets close. Nook is iPad roadkill.


    1. I think that there is a great business opportunity for Apple or whoever to create some of that experience with an app. Sure it misses the social aspect of chatting face to face with real book browsers but that experience can be partially created in an app.

    2. The indies will soak up the crowds stranded by closure of the giant stores. There will always be a certain type of customer who appreciates the tactile nature of books, enjoys edition hunting, or thrills at discovery of a favourite title from childhood.

      One institution that does deserve to be rudely shut down is the college book store: run by venal extortionists pimping for unprincipled publishers.

      1. VEP4UP! hannahjs?
        Venting your spleen I see? And with good cause of course!
        How about we put the nook in the inglenook and forget about it? One day, a nuclear device or a massive sun flare will wipe out all data stored on electronic media or devices that need one in order to operate. Queue the stone age all over again!!!

        1. The EMP from a nuclear device would fail to damage a battery-operated device with a small antenna, like the Nook; and the solar flare would have to extend halfway to Mercury and persist for 24 hours to cook both sides of the planet and bring back the stone age. I’ll take my chances. 🙂

    3. Yep 8^þ…nothing like the feel of wrinkling the spine of a brand new paperback and the smell of the freshly printed pages. Similarly, I will miss the unique “old book” smell of well-aged tomes lined up on the plain wooden shelves of a half-price reseller or a thrift shop. I love books and up until about a decade ago I occasionally dreamed of dropping everything to buy a bookshop in a smallish town in some lushly forested and mountainous area of the U.S.

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