Features that would make Apple’s iWatch a killer product

“Both the New York Timesand the Wall Street Journal are reporting that Apple is working on a watch-like device,” Nigam Arora writes for Forbes. “iWatch has been in the rumor mill for a long time, but now the rumor has gained more credibility being spread by these august outlets.”

“If Apple were to introduce iWatch, it will be the first new category of products under Tim Cook,” Arora writes.

MacDailyNews Take: And, if it exists, it, like “Apple iTV,” was started under Steve Jobs (new product development roadmaps easily stretch back several years).

Arora writes, “Here is my list of features that will make iWatch a killer product.”

A few snippets:
• iWatch should remember all of my passwords, eliminating the need to enter the passwords on various devices.
• iWatch can act as a TV remote. Preferably using Siri as an interface.
• iWatch can speak turn by turn directions to me while walking.

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Well the Nazi Propaganda mater Joseph Goebbels said If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. I think the got the idea from Hitler himself.

    We just recently had the kooky rumor about the proprietary screws. Then there was something after that that the media went nuts for, in a similar way, where they’re all just repeating one another.

    1. “Goebbels said If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”

      Kind of like tax cuts increase revenue and stimulate growth out of proportion in the economy like a perpetual motion machine.

  2. I just bought an arm band and wear my ipod on my wrist. Besides, wasn’t the old ipod mini/shuffle (the square one with the screen) practically an iwatch if you had the watch band accessory?

  3. oooh, braindead journalist deploys the trigger term, “killer”. that must be code for “speculation straight from my ass”. Common usage: that was a killer blast, son. Now open a window and turn on the fan pronto!”

    now these are truly amazing watch features:

    1) an attractive face
    2) a strap
    3) an engraved signature: “Rorex”

    the only vaporware to get this much press is the Apple television that was going to change all our lives… still waiting for Cook and Co to shit or get off the can.

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