Apple CEO Tim Cook to sit with First Lady Michelle Obama during Tuesday’s State of the Union address

“Once again, Silicon Valley royalty will join First Lady Michelle Obama to watch her husband deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday,” John Boudreau reports for The Mercury News.

“Apple CEO Tim Cook will sit in the First Lady’s box, a White House official said,” Boudreau reports. “He will be joined by military families, those championing immigration reform and those whose lives have been touched by gun violence.”

Boudreau reports, “Last year, Michelle Obama’s guests included Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Laurene Powell Jobs is also a progressive. As for Tim Cook, I have no idea yet. It is interesting that the First Lady and the President again have Apple sitting by their side. Steve Jobs sat along side the President at that dinner a short time prior to his death.

      Still really miss Steve Jobs.

      1. I would call her extremely liberal, Not necessarily synonymous with progressive. I’m going to guess that Tim Cook is not much of a conservative either. In fact, I doubt that few if any any in the upper echelons of Apple are conservative. Until you get to the financial arm. Steve Jobs was indeed sitting by the president two years ago. He sat on the presidents left and Mark Zuckerberg sat on the presidents right. Enough! Steve’s dead. Move on. You didn’t know him. Never idolize anyone. Only the weak idolize people. Your comment is more about you than Steve Jobs. Quit it. Grow up. Grieve for the people you have known that are here no more. Care for the people you know, your friends and your family.

        1. If you used Apple products, you knew Steve Jobs. Maybe not in the ultra-personal way, but you knew the genius. Nothing wrong with missing a genius, it’s important to keep the Einstine’s of each generation in our memories. They’re the beacon of light for the next generation’s motivation to Think Different.

          I miss Steve too.

          1. “If I used Apple products”? For decades. I use them to make a living. You have heard of Mac Pro’s haven’t you? MacBook Pros? And for fun and enjoyment and normal stuff I always have my iPod, iPad, iMac, Mac Mini and my iPhone. So yes, I would say I have used Apple products. Nothing personal, but I’m going to guess that you surf the net and send email? And that’s about all. And I say again, you and others who post such personal comments about Steve jobs are looking for attention. Normal well-adjusted adults don’t do such things. Henry Ford is dead too. So is Einstein and Louis Pasteur. And of course my favorite, Nicholas Tesla. Now there was a true genius! I’d post something that sounds all mushy but I have a life. Move on.

            1. Re: “Nothing personal, but I’m going to guess that you surf the net and send email?”
              Really? Bad guess. Have used Macs since 1985—MacPlus, SE’s, various Beige towers (6400’s, Quadra’s etc), the lickable colored iMacs, The icy blue G3 towers, Clamshells, Powerbooks. Took care of the G4 towers, MBP’s, Mini’s a department full of Cheese Graters, and now the iMacs. Have been in tech support, and was an Tech (Apple specific) and Graphic Consultant for 15 years. I’ve also won design awards. Been to Macworld 3x and stood in line for hours to see Steve every time I was there. So guess again.

              Steve will always be in my memory. Mature individuals can move on but still carry the strong memories of the very best that walked this earth and influence them every day to be the best at what they do, “Think Different,” and simplify.

              Glad you gave me that public service announcement about all those other people being dead, why I’d never have known that (rolls eyes).

              Glad you caught yourself there at the end, don’t go posting anything mushy, someone might think you aren’t well adjusted, spend your time surfing and eMailing, don’t have a life, and can’t move on.

              Still miss Steve. : )

    1. Why oh why must someone either be the best or the worst, a saint or evil incarnate? Some people are so polarized in their opinions that a balanced, middle ground is impossible for them to even conceive, much less accept or embrace.

      Who could possibly satisfy your strict requirements, TMac? Bush the Younger was far from perfect. Reagan was not perfect, either. He has been idolized since his death and his legacy twisted to suit the desires of those seeking power several decades later. Far too many who are willing to judge a person based on a label would fail to reliably differentiate one from the other in a blind test. Extremism breeds opposing extremism in response. That is one of the foremost reasons why our country has become so dysfunctional over the past decade.

      1. There is absolutely no difference in the policies of George W. Bush and the policies of Obama Messiah..same bullshit, new face: undeclared wars in combination with government control of the citizenry. Wake the fuck up.

        1. Yes, there is…. G.W. Bush was an idiot – had no idea what he was doing. Unkle Dick ran the show. Now, BHO, He knows exactly what he is doing and his sidekick, Joe SixPack, has no idea what’s going on…

      2. Obama creates his own polarism with devisive anti-prosperity class division rhetoric, he basically got elected by dividing the country in half. Part of his legacy is that division which will persist long after he is gone.

        You didn’t build that, cling bitterly to their guns and Bibles, etc.

        1. twimoon1, the statements and actions of others are filtered through your own beliefs. A person tends to adjust reality to support his/her own beliefs, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

          My post was not intended to be partisan. But it was made in response to TMac’s post, so it might have sounded that way. I could have added that Clinton and Obama are not perfect, either. It applies to every President and politician in general – past, present, and future. Everyone is looking for the error. Far too few are looking for opportunities to collaborate and improve.

          There are certainly some things that I would change regarding Obama’s approach and rhetoric. However, your “you didn’t build that” statement merely proves that you are a parrot of the propaganda squad. This has been covered multiple times in this forum alone. Listen to the full quote and you should be able to understand that Obama is stating that no single business or individual built the infrastructure upon which the industry and commerce of this country relies. If you cannot allow yourself to interpret that simple recorded statement in a reasonable fashion, then there is little opportunity for a profitable discussion with you.

          I am more than willing to debate the positives and negatives of any President or other politician based upon facts and truth. I am not willing to waste my time debating twisted and skewed propaganda asserted as evidence.

    2. Thelo –

      I once knew a guy who kept an entire toolbox in the trunk of his car, complete with spanners, wrenches & drivers – solely for the purpose of having an inconspicuous place to store the single edge razor blades he used to chop up his blow….

      It was a bit of overkill, however, nobody every questioned his actions…

  1. Sounds like the President will take note of Apple moving jobs back to the USA, He is likely to propose ending tax breaks for those who ship jobs overseas, and instead offer them for companies that create jobs in the US. He may even announce a tax holiday for foreign cash if companies use it to expand manufacturing. It will be interesting to watch. We have seen how severe cuts and austerity has ravaged other parts of the world, I expect him to offer a program of near term investment and longer term spending reductions, though discretionary spending is dropping considerably (down $80 per capita since taking office, as compared to up $3100 per capita during Bush’s terms). It will be interesting to see how Apple is used in this context.

    1. I highly doubt it, judging on the presidents past choices in hirings for government contracts. Our president, instead of choosing an American manufacturer of military air vehicles, chose one owned by the Brazilian government. He effectively shut down an oil pipeline that could’ve created millions of jobs and instead gave money to the likes of Mexico (not saying Mexico is a bad country…) for them to drill for oil. In the words of a wise man, “Those jobs aren’t ever coming back.”

      1. The POTUS is not in the business of choosing military contractors. Plenty of cronies in the DOD and joint chiefs office to do that long before he is involved. This of course is a huge issue that both parties have culpability in. Our defense spending is out of control, and unsustainable. This is the real spending issue we need to fix.

        If you are referring to Keystone, the dangerous Canadian EXPORT pipeline (Keystone XL) you are referring to a pipeline that a Canadian company wants built to EXPORT oil FROM NORTH AMERICA. Studies have shown that this oil will compete against our own domestic producers, lower the US companies profits. It is also well documented that the company in question has had major spills and environmental impact on the pipelines they currently operate. It is also a fact that this pipeline will cross several MAJOR aquifers which supply a large percentage of our fresh water supply. It takes one accident to permanently contaminate the aquifers. It should also be noted that land is being STOLEN from AMERICANS via eminent domain to build this disaster of a bad idea. And that is not even getting into the vast polluted wasteland created by the extraction of tar sands. (Which is a huge issue too)

        You sound like a low-information voter who hates the planet. So, let me be crystal clear:

        Keystone XL will not help your price at the pump. It is an environmental nightmare and the company that will profit from all this is NOT American. Those sir are real facts and truth..

    1. I didn’t vote for her husband. But politics has nothing to do with someone having class. She certainly has class. And she’s quite pretty. I think she represents the country very well. She certainly sets a good example for young women.

      1. I agree that she’s pretty, don’t agree about the class. When her husband first came into office she said she was “finally proud of her country”. I can’t let that one slide, sorry. Her accomplishments outside being First Lady are a good example I will give you that at least.

        1. Perhaps if you were to allow a bit of context. Not to mention acknowledging the fact that she also said that she has absolutely always been proud of her country. Selective quotes make good soundbites, but are basically just propaganda used by closed minded people to justify their position.

          Asked by WJAR-TV if she would like to clarify her comment, Obama replied that she has been struck by the number of people going to rallies and watching debates, as well as record voter turnouts.
          “What I was clearly talking about was that I’m proud in how Americans are engaging in the political process,” she said.
          “For the first time in my lifetime, I’m seeing people rolling up their sleeves in a way that I haven’t seen and really trying to figure this out – and that’s the source of pride that I was talking about,” she added.
          When asked if she had always been proud of her country, she replied “absolutely” and said she and her husband would not be where they are now if not for the opportunities of America.

  2. I’d love to tell some great stories about John Sculley’s trip to Arkansas in Dec. 1992, then about his sitting next to Hillary Clinton at Bill’s first SOTU, before he got fired from Apple.

    I’ll do that as soon as MDN gets rid of the WordPress login.

      1. Excuse me good sir, but do you know anything about Obama other than he’s POTUS and from Hawaii? One of his mentors was a member of Communist Party USA! His father, whom he took much of his ideology from (see Obama’a own autobiography – dreams from my father) advocated Communism! And if you start to give me some kinda bullsh*t about how we shouldn’t judge a man based on his past, then why were people slamming on Mitt Romney for Bain Capital? Wouldn’t that be considered judging based on the past?

        1. Could your mind be any smaller?

          Look at his record, he is no liberal, and he isn’t a socialist either. He is a crony capitalist in the mold of Bush. His Justice department is full of RIAA,MPAA shills. His energy department is full of Excelon and other industry insiders. Indefinite detention, Drone Strikes, Attack on Medical MJ industry.

          I don’t know where you kooks get the notion he is some commie or even a real liberal, he is neither. His policy is closer to Bush than Clinton in actual practice.

          The only place he is even moderately liberal is in defending gov assistance, in gay rights and immigration. (despite record numbers of deportation on his watch) He talks a progressive energy game, but in practice he is not very liberal here either.

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