Twitter’s Vine app receives 17+ rating in Apple’s App Store due to pornographic content

“After a dustup over pornography showing up on Vine, the Twitter-owned video-sharing app has added an age rating for possible adult content,” Steven Musil reports for CNET.

“The app for iPhone and iPod Touch, which lets anyone create and share six-second clips, quickly became a popular venue for pornography after its release last month,” Musil reports. “Twitter responded by trying to make it harder for users to find the adult videos, blocking a number of porn-related search terms such as “#porn.””

Musil reports, “As first noted by The Verge, Twitter released a new version today that requires users to confirm that they are at least 17 years of age; the previous version described itself as suitable for users 12 and older.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The odd thing is that Twitter and the Vine team didn’t seem to anticipate that the app could easily and obviously be used for porn.

MacDailyNews Note: For those unfamiliar with the app/service, our quick and dirty test video (iPhone porn) remains on Vine here (via Twitter).

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      1. OK then, “R” rated.

        In some cultures, including parts of the US, it would be considered obscene if produced today. Of course, it is so old, no one really knows what the intent was. Although, the academics who think it a self portrait are delusional.

        (For those outside the US, an “R” rating on a movie means no one under 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.)

        1. It is sad that a sculptural representation of a female body (that is NOT even engaged in a sex act) could be considered “porn” or “obscene” by anyone.

          Gotta’ love puritan repression.


    1. Following your example, what about Michaelangelo’s “David?”

      Having been a naturist since I was 9 many years ago, I can never understand why otherwise intelligent people can consider the human body itself as “porn.”

      1. Because everyone else grew up wearing clothes and were shamed into doing so. Of course if you think we are repressed, you should go to The Arabian penninsula!

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