FCC document shows new, smaller Apple TV with A5X chip is coming soon

“Apple is updating its Apple TV ever so slightly… soon,” 9to5Mac reports.

“Today, the Federal Communications Commission released the dimensions of this new Apple TV product (via Engadget) in its labeling documentation,” 9to5Mac reports. “The 3,2 is 93.78mm square compared to the 98mm of the current model, but we’re not quite sure why Apple would go through the trouble of making it just a little smaller.”

9to5Mac reports, “AnandTech says the new device might also sport an A5X processor.”

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Brian Klug reports for AnandTech, “From what we can glean from the FCC documents there’s no longer a two antenna solution for the BCM4330 WiFi+BT combo, but rather a single antenna solution with different gain and utilizing a BCM4334 combo instead.”

“This is the same WLAN+BT combo as used in the iPhone 5 and basically all of the newly refreshed iDevices, and is built on a 40nm RF CMOS process,” Klug reports. “Since the previous antennas were a part of the Apple TV PCB, and the FCC disclosure notes that the new Apple TV uses a single PIFA (Planar Inverted F Antenna), it’s highly likely we’re looking at a completely different PCB.”

Klug reports, “This is an interesting silent update and development for the Apple TV. Given the IPSW release onto the web before an actual hardware announcement, I originally suspected this was a silent upgrade of the Apple TV platform to newer hardware, however the presence of an A5X SoC inside makes things a bit more curious. Hopefully we will see an official announcement in the next few days.”

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  1. I just tried to hook up my Apple TV. I can’t get sound from it to my receiver because the cable HDMI plugs into the only HDMI input on my receiver. I tried to find a splitter but they appear opposite to my needs. Any suggestions or will I have to bite for a new receiver?

      1. I’m sure his TV does, but he wants the sound to go through the receiver. Understandable, given today’s flat tvs have horrible sound (in general).

        He can still do this by plugging into his TX, as long as his cables are HDMI 1.4 and his TV has ARC (Audio Return Channel) or he has an Optical / Coax out.


    1. Don’t know if this helps – I have a Sony tv (approx 2 years old) it has HDMI ports and a Fiber Optic sound output port.

      I put the HDMI in to the TV, the fiber optic sound output to my surround sound equalizer, program my Linksys remote control, and it all works just ducky….

      see if your TV has the same concept.

    2. You will need the following:
      – TOSlink cable
      – DAC (digital to analog audio converter)
      – RCA cable

      You can buy the cables from Monoprice and the DAC from Parts Express.

      The TOSlink cable goes into the TOSlink port in the Apple TV at one end and into the DAC at the other end. The RCA cable connects the DAC to your receiver/integrated amplifier.

  2. The top five reasons why the new AppleTV model 3,2 is 4.2 mm smaller:
    5) The Samsung photocopier shrunk Apple’s original drawing.
    4) The FCC upgraded to Windows 7 instead of sticking to XP.
    3) The delivered shipping boxes were too small.
    2) Because it’s three centimeters taller.
    1) Jonathan Ives says it must have rounded edges.

  3. Still can’t be jail broken even the atv3 can’t be. I am needing an additional atv ad I can’t find an atv2 cheap.
    So will look at a Linux box like the Pivos. I love my atv2 but I use it almost always as an xbmc box. I like AirPlay and stuff but it sucks apple doesn’t open the box so we can install xbmc on it.

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