Crash and burn: Windows RT tablet sales in 2012 likely to total less than one million units

“There have been about two million Windows RT tablets shipped globally, fewer than the 4-4.5 million units originally expected to be shipped as of the end of 2012, and actual sales so far are likely to be less than one million units, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers,” Monica Chen and Adam Hwang report for DigiTimes.

“Since Microsoft announced Surface in mid-2012, some partners gave up plans to develop Windows RT tablets, resulting in the launch of Surface RT and only [a few] other Windows RT tablets,” Chen and Hwang report. “Sales of all other Windows RT tablets are estimated at about 4000,000 units, short of original expectations, the sources indicated.”

Chen and Hwang report, “Prices for Surface RT are likely to be lowered to clear inventories, the sources noted. Microsoft has offered incentives to invite vendors launching Windows RT tablets to participate in development of second-generation Windows RT models, but these vendors have so far been unwilling to do so, the sources said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Garbage with a Kickstand. If this debacle doesn’t kill Ballmer, nothing will. Long live Ballmer T. Clown!

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    1. LOL – didn’t CNET or some other faux tch site publish an article a couple weeks back on how iOS devices are “not cool” and all the “cool kids” are buying MS Surface? Of course we knew exactly what it was – FUD pointed in AAPL’s direction. Those commercials spelled the last nail (or lightbulb) in Festers coffin. CLICK!

  1. The real fun will begin if and when the pro version is released. The MS fanboys have been touting this as the iPad killer. Why? Because it has a full fledge OS that they can use to do “real work.”

    I really wonder how many MS tablet (transformable to a laptop) lovers there are left? I have to believe most already have jumped to Android in order to maintain their anti-Apple status.

    While they will sell more than they did with the RT, the real test will be how many are seen in the wild…and still in use a year later.

    1. Except that 99-99.9% of all iPad and tablet users aren’t looking to do “real work” especially on a klunktastic OS $$$$ tablet with cracking keyboard 2X the price of a better PC laptop (if anything in the way of a PC can be construed as “better”).

    2. Those needing to do “real work” will simply retreat to their dismal post-it-plastered cubicle with the sagging shelf of dog-eared manuals and SOP binders, the Dell box doubling as a space heater, the grimy keyboard, the gummy mouse and the worn-out stress ball.

    1. There’s an app for that!

      No need to dump your iPad, folks! Just download the free iPad/iPhone app “Beeps and Clicks Sounds” from Smart Wire LLC. Now we’re way cool!

  2. In 2030 when Steve Ballmer bumps into Steven Sinofsky in a Florida nursing home the conversation MAY go like this:

    Oh Hi Steve!
    -Hi Steve. (Oh Christ he’s STILL sweating, better get downwind)

    – Remember that presentation for the Surface? Oh you DO remember surely?? – you made it crash and had to sprint away to get another one?
    Completely crystal, thanks. For your information, I didn’t MAKE it crash, it sort of had a mind of its own and just kinda went to sleep. Which was what all our stuff ever did, as I recall.

    – They never understood what a great lil’ product the Surface really was did they?
    Nah, they just didn’t get it. I mean – apps running FULL SCREEN all the time with just a few lines of text and the odd graphic – no clutter, no content, nothing, I mean really NOTHING to get in the way at all. Just white everywhere.

    – And those ads and BSOD’s were so damn pretty – and that snappy keypad really CLICKED didn’t it?
    Yeah, but that was ALL it did. Click. Mine split and all the magnets fell out.

    – Really? I remember you could actually TYPE on the damn things!
    You could but if you went at more than 30 words a minute Win8 started looping the CPU. I have a Surface in my treatment room that’s still trying to show me what I typed out last year. Dying to know what I wrote.

    – But who can forget the App Store? We got all the way up to 5,000,000 apps in the end.
    Yeah but 4,500,000 of them were repeated attempts to get Word working right for fscks sake! Mind you, I thought it was a smart move dropping the sequential numbering for new OS releases, Win8.100564.500.3. looked really good on the box. Sorta kept the focus on 8 didn’t it?

    – yeah, we were really cool back in the day. It let ’em know we really cared and were prepared to stick at it until we got it RIGHT!
    Did we?


    Why’d you prance about like a freaking clown?
    – Dunno. Damned if I can remember.

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