Beleaguered RIM changes company name to BlackBerry, announces new Z10, Q10 devices running BlackBerry10

“The company formerly known as RIM announced on Wednesday new BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 handsets running the BlackBerry 10 operating system, as it attempts to regain ground lost to Apple and Google,” AppleInsider reports.

“The Z10 is BlackBerry’s most direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone, sporting a 4.2-inch display with a density of 356 pixels per inch. Like the iPhone, it features an all-touchscreen design and eschews a physical keyboard,” AppleInsider reports. “But BlackBerry also hopes to retain its devoted users who remain attached to the company’s tactile keyboards. Those users will be served by the QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry Q10, which also features a 3.1-inch touchscreen.”

“The Z10 launches in the U.K. tomorrow, in Canada on February 5, and in the U.S. in March. Pricing will vary by carrier. The Q10 is expected to debut on the first global carriers in April,” AppleInsider reports. “In changing its name from Research in Motion to BlackBerry, the company’s new stock ticker of ‘BBRY’ will reflect the change.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Okay, Beleaguered BlackBerry, it is. While it lasts. And still DCW, of course.


  1. Here’s one comment from the article: “suddenly newton” writes
    “Each BlackBerry employee who stayed with the company since 2007 will receive a commemorative shirt that says “iPhone market disruption survivor”.”

  2. Just got a Z10 in the office.

    1. The thing says “Made in Canada”. That blew me away, good on you Blackberry.

    2. Feels like a plastic piece of junk. Screen didn’t seem awesome or terrible, pretty much seemed normal.

    3. Interface was very clunky, keyboard stinks, doesn’t seem very sensitive to touch.

  3. “took you YEARS to get to this, why the fuk didn’t you just COPY? Apple legal is near useless. By the time the get a judgment of a billion, you’ve won countless other cases of no infringment and made billions. IDIOTS”

    (ex-convict. Samsung’s chairman Lee convicted of various crimes , sentenced to years in jail and pardoned by his pal the Korean president knows a thing or two about billions and easy road to success

    1. Mr. Lee sez: “One genius can feed millions of others. For the upcoming era where creativity will be the most important driver of business success, we need to hire the best. The economic value of one genius is more than $1 billion.”

      So, since Lee ain’t no genius, and Lee can’t find no genius to hire, his company RIPS OFF GENIUS APPLE instead. Well done, DumFsck. 😛

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