Apple’s iOS 6.1 delivers some new features, lots of security

“Yes, Apple’s iOS 6.1 Update delivers more LTE carrier support in more places, the ability to purchase movie tickets (Fandango) using Siri and individual song downloads via iTunes Match and iCloud, but that’s just the shiny front end,” FairerPlatform reports.

“You could, however, be forgiven for concluding that the business end of iOS 6.1 is really the security content, which is extensive and includes patches for a range of vulnerabilities,” FairerPlatform reports. “Notable among these is a fix for the so-called ‘Smart App Banner’ bug, which re-enable JavaScript without user permission.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. ” This issue was addressed by not enabling JavaScript when visiting a site with a Smart App Banner.”

    To me it does not sound like they fixed it only worked around it. Bad.

  2. Android OS upgrades are the loneliest place in tech. A Yellow Sky wind blows through that desolate ghost town. They rarely to never come to visit. Oh but don’t let that stop your fool’s disingenuous and blind superior dance.

  3. What a laugh. What you call upgrade we have had for many a time. Single biggest reason why droid is destroying apple simply put. ” what apple considers new is old news to droid. Oh and free too.”

  4. I’d settle for apps not crashing all the f’ing time. Especially Apple’s own App Store app – crashes every time I try to view my purchased apps, even on an iPhone 5 32GB.

    1. Why can I not get that functionality as well? I have tried so many times to go to “purchased” and not a single crash? Come on APPLE! I want that crash function too!!!!

    2. Try restarting your device. If that doesn’t fix it, try restoring it. It’s entirely possible that you’ve got some corrupted preferences in your OS. Doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. If restoring it to factory settings and then restoring from a backup doesn’t fix it, then I suggest restoring it and setting it up as a new phone. You’ll lose data, but you can back up critical data using iFunBox first. Plus, if it’s still not working after restoring and setting up as a new phone, you can probably get Apple to swap it (if it’s under warranty).

      However, the App Store crashing when you try to view your purchased apps could be an account issue. You should probably visit and see if the iTunes Store support can fix your account. I haven’t been able to view my purchased apps in months. It never finishes loading. It works fine on my friends’ phones, so I’m sure it’s just my account. I just haven’t taken the time to contact them about it.

  5. By the way, just a note. It would be very useful to have more intelligent people chiming in around these forums. My guess would be that they are put off by the assumption that people who write sentences like the following are probably just stoned 13 year-olds taking a break from video games and porn:

    “How’s the upgrades on Android…”

    I hope that poster is from a non-English speaking country. Nothing personal. That is all.

    1. Nah. We’re not put off by the lame joke posts slamming Android. We’re mostly put off by the inane, never ending verbal diarrhea surrounding conservative politics.

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