iWeb replacement to be introduced at Macworld/iWorld 2013?

“An iWeb replacement may be introduced at this year’s Macworld/iWorld expo, which starts Jan. 31 in San Franciso,” Dennis Sellers reports for AppleDailyReport.

“But not by Apple,” Sellers reports. “A company located in Thornhill, Ontario, will be exhibiting new software that the company claims is a ‘replacement for iWeb.'”

Sellers reports, “It’s called EasyWeb.”

Full article here.


    1. Mac crashed- lost all files including my website done through iWeb- backup was disintegrated as well- living hell- have a new mac- where can I find the iweb software to download? Right now- website is just hanging out.

      1. you can now do this on Google+ and facebook for most business pages

        only thing i can see a web site for is something like a restaurant and have online ordering. but even then there are services now for online ordering from local restaurants

        1. agreed, I run an Ecommerce site for my employer,using a template and their server.
          I used to have an iWeb link for my family to see pics of my kid in a customized format that was easy to manage and maintain. Using Flickr is fine, but not very personable. Neither is Facebook. I could understand why AAPL would want to get away from wasting a bunch of manpower on updating the software.

    1. @alent1234, I assume your first comment was sarcastic.

      As to the second, there are quite likely millions of sites around the world that have been put together by individuals or small companies using iWeb or one of its peers. I personally host a website for a local social club, a site for a local NFL team fan club, a site for story tellers, and my family site. These are very narrowly focused and I don’t expect a lot of traffic. I have rudimentary HTML skills but I wouldn’t think of trying to hand-code any of these sites. Over time I’ve tried the biggies likeFreeway, Flux, RapidWeaver, Dreamweaver, Sandvox. These are either too feature rich or are limited template-based for my taste.

      For a few years i was quite satisfied with Website Painter until I discovered Quick N Easy Website Builder. I have no idea how any of these compare to iWeb but I’m quite happy with QnEWB.

      If this EasyWeb appears, I’ll likely try it out.

      Incidentally, a quick DuckDuckGo search turns up a lot of hits for EasyWeb in Canada, but it appears to be a name locked in by TD Canada Trust, a bank. There’s also EasyWeb AG in Germany but it bears no relationship to the above-mentioned outfit. The web site is http://www.iwebreplacementapp.com/ and all they have is a signup form.

  1. I never understood why Apple abandoned iWeb, but there again I never understood why they abandoned HyperCard either.

    I enthusiastically used both as they offered me a way to do things that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do at that time.

    EasyWeb sounds promising, but it remains to be seen whether it’s in the same league as iWeb ( with things like seamless integration with iPhoto and iTunes ) and we don’t know how easy the process of publishing a site will be. I’d be surprised if they can match the one-click publish function that Apple offered.

  2. I really like iWeb I know its issues but I loved how easy it was and how good it looked. I’ve been using RapidWeaver since the end of iWeb and while it is very powerful the cost is aggrevating. Everytime you want to do something new you have to pay for another “add-on”. That along with the difficulty of adding comments to blogs really makes me miss iWeb.

    1. I live far away from my native country, and for my friends, I died the day I quit using facebook. They forgot there is also email, sms and even real paper! So, I HATE Facebook and i wish it disappear in the nexts 3 to 5 years.

      1. So true. E-mail will persist long after Facebook has died.
        I really resent the sites that require you to use Facebook, rather than webforms or straight e-mail to react. I just won’t do it. Fsck Facebook.

  3. Rapidweaver, is far and away the most Mac centric and intuitive web creation software that I’ve used. It’s got lots of third party support and it’s low cost. I wanted to use iWeb when it was launched but it’s really quite basic and limiting compared to Rapidweaver.

  4. iWeb timeline
    iWeb 1.0 2006-01-10 iLife’06 (4)
    iWeb 2.0 2007-08-07 iLife’08 (5)
    iWeb 3.0 2009-01-10 iLife’09 (6)
    iWeb 3.04 2010-09-17 iLife’11 (7)

    iWeb alternatives for easy/speed in WTP
    01 RapidWeaver (UK) $80

    02. Panic’s Coda (US) $99

    03. Flux (UK) $129

    04. skEdit (US) $35
    http://www.skedit.com by Before Dawn Solutions

    online solutions:
    too many but top:

  5. To create my first web sites I used, Home Page by Claris, over 11 years ago. Started using it in OS 9. It was incredibly easy to use. Tried Freeway Express, but never really liked it.

    I thought iweb was great. So easy to use along with Mobile Me, and the only caveat was it was slow.

    I use Facebook to supplement my site, but it is lacking in esthetics. They all look alike and not very compelling.

    Will be interested to see the new and improved iWeb.

    With its demise as well as Mobile Me, I switched to Sandvox. It is fairly easy; however, there are some things missing I would like to see.

    I am not a power user and run about three sites for clubs I belong to. I tried Rapidweaver on a trial, but like Sandvox better. Would love to have the control like I had with Home Page.

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