Samsung attempts to match Apple’s Retina display quality in Galaxy S IV (with video)

Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple, “In describing the new iPhone 5 back in September, Phil Schiller stated that ‘It is really easy to make a new product that’s bigger. Everyone does that. The challenge is to make it better and smaller.'”

Samsung’s Galaxy S III’s 5-inch display “didn’t come close to matching Apple’s stunning Retina display quality,” Purcher reports. “So back to the drawing board Samsung went.”

“According to Asian reports this morning, Samsung’s engineers have apparently come up with a new display resolution scheme to improve their display for their upcoming Galaxy S4,” . “What Samsung is trying to achieve is match Apple’s Retina Display technique of cramming more pixels into the display that fire on cue as Apple’s video illustrates below.”

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  1. and i always thought it was about money. the Galaxy S3 BoM is less than the iphone 5.

    can’t be that hard to make the displays and it’s not like they are all individually made. its a big sheet of glass that is then cut up into the display pieces.

    simple math says you get more with smaller sizes and you can charge less.

    1. You seem to overlook the fact that the higher resolution screens have a much larger reject rate in quality control. The costs of the rejected screens have to be accounted for in the good ones.

      You also overlook the fact that the Galaxy S3 is a plastic POS.

    2. Do you have any proof that they make up displays on a large sheet of glass? You know this for a fact? Perhaps you are thinking of mirror manufacturing where precision is not critical. The larger the glass, the larger the machine and the lager that the errors get due to rigidity issues for the machine and the glass. It is not as simple as you think.

      1. that is how they make TV displays. big piece of glass and then cut them out. its why TV sizes went up in the last decade too. every new generation of display tech, the smallest size screens they produced was the largest size of the previous generation

        1. You might be forgetting the size of pixels on large TVs. They are not nearly as precise as a Retina display. As the size of the glass goes up, the precision goes down or the speed of the process drops as well.

      2. That’s how they make TV’s also. Generally, each new generation of plant uses a larger sheet of glass. Then, as example, they can get X number of 55 inch TVs, or Y number of 40inch, or Z number of 32 inch TVs out of the one sheet. Why do you thing there are those weird sizes of TVs? ( 31.5 inch etc.) They are trying to get the most units of a specific size, out of what they have to work with.

  2. Apple innovates, samsung copies (well, attempts to anyway) and the haters rationalize why their non apple stuff isn’s as good.

    And life goes on, haters deprive themselves of the best that life has to offer.

      1. More rationalization and self delusion?
        You only hold yourself back, you know.

        I hear the sharp LG screens are considerably better that’s and why apple is moving away from samsung. They have become fat and lazy and while they were once at least good at coping other innovations they can’t even manage that lately. (as witnessed by the poor screen quality in their own products)

  3. Lol. Samsung make the best panels period. In tv in monitors in everything. Thats why sony , panasonic , bang phson , luxman , all use samsung. Get over yourselves with your self rightous crap. Apple now use 4 different suppliers and not one even comes close to samsung quality. I suppose apple invented lcd panels now hey.

  4. They can cram 600ppi 4K-res into that screen all they want but it won’t matter if the AMOLED still produce way-over-saturated colors that make all photos look like they’re from Disneyland or Toys R Us

  5. And the hits just keep on coming. Again, an inferior, plastic, crappy product from a competitor. It will be a big hit with the fickle, pop culture market composed largely of buyers who could not care any less that Apple products are higher quality, better, and send an elite message to those looking on. They only care that it is flashy, has more features, and is cheaper. This is the kind of thing that has been overtaking Apple’s position on the shelf, in the media and especially on Wall Street. Tim Cook hasn’t a clue of what to do about this and that is why AAPL has sunk and will not recover under his tenure at the once great company.

    1. There are more Kia’s out there than BMW’s too. There are a certain number of people who only look at the figure at the bottom, not the quality, longevity, or TOC. You want a Kia, that’s fine…but don’t complain when it’s not a BMW. It’s no different here…..Apple products are intended for quality-conscious, discriminating consumers, not those who feel the need to jump on the latest “Oooo-touch-our devices-together-and-we can-share” POS. Samsung can’t even steal mediocrity right…this “sharing” thing they’re hyping so hard is nothing more than “squirting” for Zunes….and we all know what a huge success THOSE were.

        1. Its $ 127, and don’t knock a great sale price when its there. Two in the family got one at that price. That is $ 120 in savings.

          PS, sale is over and prices are back up. Found one of the last $ 47 iPhone 4s for a family member too. Total savings $ 170… Cool.

          “Shop Smart – Shop S-Mart”….. just saying. LOL

        1. ha ha

          most people i’ve known who had bimmers got them just for the brand name in the USA. i’ve been to germany and they are just regular cars there.

          and from what i hear, the quality is crap compared to honda and toyota.

          apple is more like Acura/Lexus. slightly better in some ways than the peon honda/toyota brands

    2. I so agree, but the bottom line remains the same, we wouldn’t be having this discussion without apple, before the iPad there was nothing, before the iPhone, Nokia and flip phones with WAP. Apple moves the human race forward, always has, but without Jobs, who knows

  6. I moved to a Galaxy from iPhone and I’m happy. It offers something different and yes I do believe the iPhone has a crisper and more authentic screen, it’s not big enough for me.

  7. I wouldnt touch any Samedung products with a bargepole – ever.

    It’s because I love simple, intuitive design, that is easy to use and makes me feel great when I use it.

    Only one company can EVER create that customer experience… APPLE.

    Let the androids use their Shamedung POS – I seriously don’t give a damn about them. In 5 years time when Google finally re-realises its a search company and not a ‘tech, software, mobile and everything else business just to steal personal info for advertisers business’ then they will all come flooding back to Apple :))

    All Apple has to do is keep innovating, stick to it’s roadmap, make and deliver an amazing customer experience and they will win every time.

    1. I concur. I seriously considered a Galaxy S3 at Christmas because I would love to have a larger display. But Apple retina kills Galaxy. The Galaxy is popular because of the deals they have with carriers. That’s not to be confused with actual quality that any professional would gladly pay for a crystal clear display.

      I didn’t buy a phone at Christmas because I want both a retina class display with a larger area. My contract runs out at Christmas this year so hopefully Apple will have both. If not, I’ll go with one that does.

        1. No, screen quality. It would still be a brilliant screen at half the size.

          Preoccupied with cock a bit, aren’t you? Don’t worry. I’m sure your dry spell will be over soon and some well hung young stud will give you what you’re after.

  8. Don’t forget that increased resolution comes with an increase in demands from the CPU and graphics processor. Since the quad core Galaxy has a hard time in keeping up with a dual core iPhone, their problems in driving a hi-res display may be a real show stopper here.

    “Yes, we have a retina display in our S4… but it only runs half as fast as before.”

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