Microsoft launching Surface Pro tablet on February 9, starting at $1090.95 with keyboard and mouse

“Surface Windows 8 Pro will be available for purchase on Feb. 9 in the U.S and Canada starting at $899 for the 64-gigabyte version,” AppleInsider reports. “The Surface Pro comes with a Surface Pen and is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor.”

“Microsoft will also launch new Surface accessories in markets where the tablet is still available,” AppleInsider reports. “They are three limited edition Touch Covers, as well as the Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition.” (smirk)

AppleInsider reports, “The new Touch Covers will be available in red, magenta and cyan for $129.99, while the Wedge Touch Mouse will be $69.95.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey look, it’s the thick, heavy, way overpriced, OS-limited “tablet” with mechanical fans and ugly vents that requires a desk (for its “kickstand”), a keyboard, and a mouse!


Obviously, smart buyers would choose an 11.6-inch MacBook Air with Parallels (if you’re still forced to slum it with Windows at times).

Bigger display, better looking, better battery life, better security (OS X, option to run crappy Windoze and Windows progams in a sandbox), access to all the world’s apps (Surface cannot run OS X or OS X apps), better, more responsive built-in keyboard, built-in “touch mouse” (Magic Trackpad), etc. – and all at a better price: starting at US$899.98. Even a 13.3-inch MacBook Air starts at only $1,099.98


        1. No Shit, Red Ryder! It’s totally amazing that someone with absolutely no professional training in either Chem, Pharm, Biol, or Medicine thinks that they can spout such nonsense.

          Those antivaxxers who propagate the notion that the MMR vaccine causes autism are the most crooked liars of the bunch. There is absolutely no truth that the MMR has any link to autism. They don’t realize that an autistic child will grow up and mostly thrive but measles can kill you if you don’t have the vax. I lost a boyhood friend because there was no vax in the 40s.


      1. After Gates infected the world with Windows, this is just the next step.

        on soap box:

        If Gates really wanted to improve the lives of starving children, he would work much more aggressively to reduce the overpopulation. Charities that ship in food and medicine under the title of “humanitarian aid” merely prolong the agony of overpopulated regions.

        The only help that actually benefits the downtrodden poor would be refugee evacuation and birth control education. Stop the cycle of overpopulation by not artificially propping up those who cannot sustain themselves, and watch as the disease & misery is eliminated naturally as the population declines. It works for every other species on the planet and it is absolutely the most humane thing to do.

  1. I don’t imagine that anyone at Microsoft really thinks that this hardware will compete with the iPad. It is for those doofi (plural of doofus) who think that they cannot live with Microsoft and would never buy something manufactured by Apple. It is just another form factor, one that will sell millions in the long term. Millions, not hundreds of millions.

  2. Thats not a tablet, thats a laptop, and one with a bloated operating system and I’m positive it will need anti-virus software to keep it operating since it can run regular windows programs, that would include windows malware also, am I right?

  3. Microsoft’s only truly successful products are Office and Windows. All other stuff started out as serious money losers, and for the very few that haven’t been a complete failure before they were cancelled (Bob, Zune, Kin…), MS kept sinking truckloads of money into them for years, until they turned into reasonably decent products (X-Box). Office continues to bring in cash, but Windows has effectively been retired, and in its place, the new Metro stuff has been introduced.

    The new Windows 8 “Metro” platform may likely follow the path of MS’s struggle with mobile (Windows CE, Pocket PC, Winows Mobile…): for over a decade, MS has been trying to figure out how to build a usable mobile OS. Or with X-Box: for almost a decade, MS has been sinking money into the platform, hoping to eventually create enough market share to eventually break even on software. While the physical platform is still a massive money loser (hardware is still sold below cost), at least the division is now making some meager profits ($19m on $1.9B revenue — 1%..!!).

    I cannot imagine MS having the luxury of ten years’ time to develop Win 8 “Metro” into something people would eventually want to buy. This was possible with a mobile platform, when the market segment was in its infancy, and it was a small piece in MS’s giant Office-Windows duopoly. It was also possible with X-box, where MS went out of its core market to pursue new markets, bankrolling the thing with continuous stream of cash from the two big cows. But now, one of the two cows has become this huge development project, and they simply cannot afford for it to be a money loser for the next ten years.

    MS should consider themselves very lucky if they don’t become the laughing stock of Silicon Valley (as well as Wall Street)…

    1. Go to Apple store, far left and down to refurbished units.

      You have to monitor this place as items come and go. GREAT values at times. My last 3 laptops have been from here. Looks great, run great, and always 150 -250 $ off. Full warrantee and I get Apple care so all is covered.

      1.  refurbs are the way to go. Bought an eight core Mac Pro five years ago with 30″ monitor, and they’ve been trouble-free since (with heavy, almost daily use). The only way I could tell they were refurbs were the different boxes. Great way to get excellent equipment and save considerable dough.

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