Almost half of Verizon’s record iPhone sales were Apple iPhone 5 units

“Verizon activated a record number of iPhones in the fourth quarter, about half of which were the LTE-enabled iPhone 5,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“Reporting fourth-quarter earnings Tuesday morning, Verizon said that, of the 9.8 million smartphones it sold during the period, 6.2 million were iPhones,” Paczkowski reports. “While discussing the carrier’s latest earnings on a conference call, CFO Fran Shammo mentioned that “almost half” of the iPhones Verizon sold were able to tap into its 4G LTE network, meaning the other half were a mix of iPhone 4 and 4S.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Like eating a good meal you’d want more on your plate instead of less for the same price. I’m using the Las Vegas model here of all you can eat. So if Apple brought out a 4.8″ iPhone for the same price as the 4″ iPhone 5, it should sell even more units as it’ll be seen as better value for money.

  2. Year-over-year, Verizon smartphone activations were up 27 percent; iPhone activations were up 48 percent. iPhones outsold Android phones about 2 to 1.

    This, on the carrier that owns and promotes the “Droid” brand.

    1. Remember, VZW only created and promoted the Droid brand bc they realized their mistake in turning down Apple initially, and Apple left them w no alternative… Now VZW have the world’s largest 4G network, and they have the iPhone 5… So it’s not all that surprising considering the best smartphone is paired w the largest and best 3G/4G network that it would outsell also-ran Android smartphones 2-1…

      Put a SELL on google!

  3. Or another way to put it is to say 64% of all smart phones activated were iPhones and almost half of those were iPhone 5.

    That is a better way to say Apple is dominating smart phone sales.

  4. dont worry if apple reports record sals the analysts will say apple is doomed because their bank accounts can’t hold that much money with out causing massive trickle down to shareholders OR they will complain that soon apple will have ALL the money in the world and thus limit the potential growth of the company . anyway like fox news we can count on really convoluted strained illogical and spurious arguments as to why this cant go another quarter with out a total meltdown.

    1. You had me laughing, until the totally vacuous barb at FOX News…. Figures, you probably think Rachael Madcow is waaay hotter than Megyn Kelly! There IS a reason they call it FOX news!

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