Judge Koh orders Apple CEO Tim Cook to four hours of questioning in anti-poaching case

“California Judge Lucy Koh on Thursday ordered Apple chief executive Tim Cook to four hours of questioning in relation to an anti-poaching case leveled against five large tech companies, including Google and Intel,” AppleInsider reports.

“According to in-court reports from Reuters, the anti-poaching case involves five former employees of tech industry heavyweights Apple, Google, Intel and others, who filed a civil suit alleging the companies illegally instituted anti-poaching measures,” AppleInsider reports. “Apple counsel argued that Cook was not involved in the anti-poaching allegations as he was the company’s chief operating officer at the time, but Judge Koh said he will still be subject to a deposition. ‘I find it hard to believe a COO would have no say over salary and compensation for all employees,’ Koh said.”

AppleInsider reports, “In addition to Cook, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt will also be questioned on Feb. 20, while top ranking officials from the other defendants, including Intel’s Paul Otellini, are also slated to take part in upcoming depositions.”

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  1. In the early days of retail, there was definitely an anti-poaching rule between Apple, Best Buy, and several other retailers. On several occasions I was told to stand down on a recruit because ‘we can’t take managers from them’.

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