Apple to launch a full-fledged TV set for Christmas 2013, says source

TheTechStorm has been informed by a very reliable source that Apple is set to launch a full-fledged TV later this year,” Storm Williams reports for TheTechStorm.

TheTechStorm is a new blog that focuses mainly on reporting on Apple related news. Consequently, I have been working very from the start to establish a relationship with a source working for the company (not someone from Asia) to deliver news that is relevant and of value to Apple fans,” Williams reports. “Fortunately, I’ve recently managed to do just that… This is my first article relating to the Apple iTV based on inside knowledge. ”

Williams reports, “The TVs will be coming in two form factors, a new companion device for TV, similar to what Apple is offering at the moment and a full-fledge ultra-thin TV. I was also informed that Apple will be sourcing panels for this TV from Sharp.”

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  1. Great. A new blog relying on a new unnamed source. I only hope it will roll out as a series of controlled leaks secretly sanctioned by Apple brass as a counter-FUD measure. That would help stymie the unremitting attacks on Apple. But if not, I’d settle for a blogger with a shred of sense when it comes to republishing illogical rumours.

  2. This doesn’t make sense. If you are betting person, place money on this one. There is no way Apple will get into the business of selling home TVs. There isn’t enough profit in it on the initial sale and there is too long of a period between TV purchases.

    Apple has the solution to the home TV problem but it isn’t associated with screens!

    1. It’s not about the hardware, it’s about locking people in the Apple environment long term, just like a phone.

      Yes, I know, cell phone turnover is more frequent, as is computer, but when you have all those app, software, movies, music, pictures and know how, you are more likely to stay with a company long term.

      Not that the hardware won’t be spectacular…..

      1. I think you’re both right. Apple doesn’t enter mature markets and there’s little compelling about any size plasma or LCD TV (even with iTunes built in), not to mention that the companies making these things are already bleeding money for lack of profit. That said there are some emerging markets (IE:4K/UHD and Laser projectors) that Apple could enter. More interesting is the rumored partnership with Sharp who recently announced the worlds smallest laser diode for laser projection screens and stated mass production begins March 2013.


        I recall Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller both dissing home theaters as too complex … too many wires hanging down the wall … just like complaints of computers before the iMac came along. A “smart” laser projector & screen solves all that, delivers the best picture possible, and needs HiDef content from iTunes. Nothing but delicious profit!

        Would you not feel compelled to pay a premium to buy such a TV over a mere plasma? I would.

        1. Depends on what your definition of ‘mature’ is. Were cell phones considered ‘mature’ before Apple entered that market?
          Music distribution?
          The tablet market was considered so mature that it had died.

          I’m not claiming Apple will start selling TVs, but if they do, it will be to take advantage of Apple’s ecosystem and tie them all together.

          It HAS to be more than just a TV. It could be a hub by offering storage and syncing for all your IOs and Mac OSX devices, modem/WiFi, and streamer for iTunes and a tie in to your audio equipment.

          Hopefully we will all be impressed.

    2. Totally. Here are three more markets Apple won’t ever get into because the category is filled with commodity companies cranking out no-margin products:

      – Mobile Phones
      – Personal Computers
      – Netbooks

      1. Your timeline is way off.

        -Apple blew open the fledgling smartphone market when they released the iPhone (because the BB was actually dumb).
        -Apple was the first personal computer, a full ten years before Windows ever came along.
        -Netbooks were merely a tech dream before Apple released the iPad. Most could only play a DVD or run Explorer and had no “apps” – a concept created by Apple.

        In addition:
        Apple made the move to TFT LCD “Cinema” screens when the rest of the world was still stuck on CRTs
        They did it again in the move to LED screens.
        Apple transitioned to CD when everyone else used floppies.
        Apple moved to all-in-one (iMac) construction when everyone one said it had to be a big tower.
        Apple created the iPod just as MP3 players were beginning to show promise.
        Apple opened iTMS before any internet based sales model ever existed and created the desire for iPods.
        Apple initiated selling movies online before anyone else.

        I can’t think of a single mature market they have entered. They won’t even make a decent mouse for lack of profit.

      2. And remember, Steve Jobs said they would not make an iPad mini and would not have apps for their new iPhone. How has that worked out? Apple will never give you a straight answer. Nor should they. It’s business. Dog eat dog. Personally, and I could be wrong, I still think there will be some sort of Apple iTV. And I think it will come this year.

  3. How reliable can this source possibly be when this is the first time he has been a source or used by the author as a source. The proof is in the pudding, and the author believing the source does not make said source “reliable.”

  4. Having “very reliable source” “confirming” this to some “TechNorm” (or however it is called) site is totally random.

    While Apple might (or might not) indeed start sale of TV sets by the coming Christmas, nothing points on why they should start those sales at that time.

    Also, Apple could only hope on some powerful start of sales of such device if they could make 2160p content available, and for now even Sony, which has one of the biggest film studios on the planet has issues with content. They only promise 10-15 films on hard-drive box that it attached to their 2160p TV.

    So I am not sure how Apple will go with this.

    1. I sense that you don’t believe Apple is likely to make this move.

      Consider, though, that the rules of the game might change. With different constraints, would such a move be feasible? We’re not talking ceterus paribus here. As you well know, even the castling move has undergone revision in Chess, the last such as recently as 1640. And in the world of business economics, there are no rules, only conventions, which are broken the moment a new guy with a fresh take shows up and clears the table. We’ve seen that a lot in the last few years.

      It’s never over.

  5. if apple jums in this thing will not be a tv it will be a voice activated hub for your digital life . it will look great and work great and let you surf and game and watch what you want from the couch in stead of the desk . and it will not be cheap but it will be insanely great and make you dig deep in your pocket to get one . thats the apple way if your expecting a 300 dollar flat screen go get a nakasueme

  6. People are assuming it will be expensive. But if it’s just a display (no TV-tuner but with Apple TV built in), that with Apple’s bulk-buying advantage on display panels, they could sell a cheaper, simpler, more-compelling product than what’s on the market and still make a handy profit.

  7. Is Apple only running into a “full gadget” option?
    I don’t care for TVs or all these iDevices (exempt the iPhone). All i need is a new, efficient, powerful and customizable Mac Pro!
    For many years, Apple was associated with “work”… Now, more and more, it just becomes “toy, toy, toy”!

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