Apple supplier sees significant sales increase in Q4, likely positive sign for iPhone 5 demand

“Dialog Semiconductor announced last week that it expects to report a significant increase in sales for its December quarter,” Dan Graziano reports for BGR. “The company noted that the increase was due to ‘a stronger than anticipated end of year, underpinned by a strong late surge in demand for smartphone and tablet products.'”

“Dialog Semiconductor now expects to report revenues of $268 million, an increase from between $215 million and $235 million,” Graziano reports. “The important thing to note is that, as of this past fall, Apple is Dialog’s largest customer and accounts for 60% of its total revenue.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The lie unravels.

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  1. Yep ! The scam is about to be exposed. Apple should screw the institutions by making a share price changing announcement, like a 4% dividend ! That would raise the share price and burn the manipulators. It would cost them so dear , that they might think twice next time about messing with the biggest company in the world !

  2. A 4% dividend would be about $20 a share and cost the company $20BB a quarter since there are about 1BB shares outstanding. That’s a lot of money. Last quarter their revenue was $36BB and profit was $8BB. I can’t see how they could afford it.

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