Analysts’ iPad unit sales estimates for Christmas quarter range from 16.8 million to 32 million

“Sales of Apple’s iPad grew from zero to 7.3 million units in 2010 and doubled in 2011 to 15.4 million,” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

“According to our most bullish independent analysts, they doubled again in calendar 2012,” P.E.D. reports. “According to the most bearish professional — Argus Research’s Jim Kelleher — they grew (once you factor out 2011’s extra week) only 3%.”

P.E.D. reports, “The estimates among the 56 analysts we’ve heard from so far — 31 pros and 25 independents — range from Kelleher’s 16.8 million to the indy-high 32 million submitted by the Braeburn Group’s Dennis Hildebrand. The pro’s consensus estimate is 22.8 million; the indies’ is 25.5 million.”

Read more and check out the full list of analysts’ estimates in the full article here.

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      1. The independent analysts.

        The Braeburn Group. “Apple Analysis With A Smart And Complex Flavor”

        There is also Braeburn Capital that is an asset management company based in Reno, Nevada and a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

  1. I betcha Apple kills it – if only because of the mini which just about everyone I talk to, wants one. Those that bought one, love it more than their iPad. My daughter while looking at the Apple site, who is turning 6 in Feb, said, “Daddy, I want an iPad mini for my Birthday please”, and she has been playing on an original iPad since 2010.

    They will Kill It!

    BTW – I will get her on when the new ones arrive in March and with her money from Christmas and her Birthday!

    1. You betcha everybody will want one!

      I think one of the biggest, but overlooked, features is that IT FITS IN YOUR COAT POCKET!

      I can carry mine with me either in the pocket of my smock or white lab coat, whereas I couldn’t with the much larger full-sized iPad.

      I think almost every Road Warrior in every airline lounge in the world will want to pull one out of his/her suit pocket rather that drag a 7 pound Dell laptop out of their roller bag.

  2. Wouldn’t 16.8M be a 17.5% increase YoY accounting for the extra week last year? Don’t know where they get 3% from..

    15.4M x 13/14 = 14.3M

    (16.8M – 14.3M) / 14.3M x 100% = 17.5%

  3. You have to expect that Apple would have sold at least 20MM iPads last quarter. iPad 2 inventory in the channel would be full, iPad 3 with the new connector and mini launched with 3M sales in the first weekend.
    With three different options sales could have doubled. The caveat would be how well supply met demand.
    25MM sounds like a feasible number to me.

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