Why Apple should hang-up on the iPhone, iWear is next

“Aside from some end-of-year tax selling and concerns regarding the fiscal cliff, shares of Apple took a brutal beating towards the end of 2012,” Richard Saintvilus writes for Forbes. “The reason – there is a broad belief that the company no longer knows how to innovate. But it’s not true. Instead, what has hurt Apple has been the complete opposite.”

“The company’s 6-month refresh cycle and avalanche of products seems to have backfired – allowing rivals such as Google and Samsung to steal market share,” Saintvilus writes. “Apple’s ‘misdirection’ with its disappointing map app didn’t help the situation either. For this, CEO Tim Cook offered an apology.”

Saintvilus writes, “Consequently, Apple now finds itself in an unfamiliar territory – having to prove itself… For the company to truly move forward as a tech power, Apple should hang-up on the iPhone after one more iteration – presumably the iPhone 6. You might disagree. Granted, the phone is still selling well. However, aside from a different chip and larger screen, the change from the 4S to iPhone 5 was not that significant.”

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, he’s never really used an iPhone 5. As Day One users of every iPhone ever made, the difference between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is stark. Besides the larger screen and faster performance, the iPhone 5 is markedly thinner, ridiculously lighter, and its build-quality is extremely high with very tight tolerances. The 4S is a brick-like tank vs. the svelte, lightweight iPhone 5.

Saintvilus writes, “Instead, Apple needs to focus on its TV ambitions… The company should start focusing on ways to dominate the smarthome and the smartcar… Also, for quite some time, the company has hinted on wearable technology. “It’s time” for the iWatch or its iWear line of devices.”

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  1. Richard Saintvilus? Who or what are you? You make imbicilic comments based on ignorance so why should your comment matter? Richard, just hang about a little longer, sit back, watch the innovation evolve before your very eyes, enjoy the experience and buy more Apple Stock while you can still afford it. Now, do you feel any better?

    1. Idiotic too as in Android phones, with the exception of larger screens, have no reason to continue either under this logic. Nothing really all that new in the hardware so let’s stop making them? It’s the same smart phone functionality that needs to be maintained from model to model and that’s like saying we’re all done with basic car design, time to get away from that and build barns instead. Say wha? We should stop making something that works under certain design configurations just because it’s relative old hat and doesn’t give us that sense of awe anymore? Give up billions of dollars making phones and all the money from the ecosystem and just concentrate on the latest tech flavor of the week iTV’s? This is about as retarded an analysis as a human can make.

  2. “Apple now finds itself in an unfamiliar territory – having to prove itself…”

    Anyone with any knowledge of Apple’s past knows Apple has always had to prove itself. Apple’s mission is clear – make insanely great products – and the rest (sales and profit) is easy. We’ll have to wait and see the next earnings report if customers are tired of Apple products.

  3. I’m not really a businessperson or financial expert, but Apple should drastically revamp their business strategy because of . . . stock price gyrations? I always thought the true measure of a company’s success was profitability rather than anything else.

  4. A click-piece plain and simple.
    Write something stupid so people will click on it and link to it.
    Forbes benefits but Saintvilus’ reputation tanks. But if Saintvilus doesn’t care everybody winds, except Forbes readers.

  5. It’s the comment section that is hilarious. The author engages with nearly every comment, ah but says. “But one thing that I won’t do is answer every question that is posed to me by those that disagree with my articles. I just don’t care enough.”

    He’s got the great makings on an analysts.

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