Why Apple’s iPads will continue to dominate tablets in 2013

Despite having several rivals, the tablet market is still pretty much all Apple’s in 2013.

OnSwipe CEO Jason Baptiste says in an interview on The Wall Street Journal’s “digits.”

Watch the 4:56 video here.


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    1. My iPad 1st Gen. 64 GB is still running good as new and though I can not go past iOS 5.1.1, I still can surf the web and still use at least 75% of the apps. I am thinking of keeping for a LONG time. 🙂

  1. I like the way this guy thinks…

    Apple will dominate in tablets going forward because just about everyone else has given up trying to go head-to-head with iPad, based on a contest of specs and features. Every attempt so far has been a money-losing proposition. More and more, Apple’s tablet competition are going where Apple (by choice) will not go with iPad.

    So, they will go to the ultra-low-end, where Amazon and Google have gone already. There will be more attempts at the “convertible” tablet (with built-in physical keyboard). There will be huge “desktop tablets” that are too large and heavy to hold while in use. There may even be “nano” tablets that compete more directly with iPod touch. And all of those are “niches,” not the main tablet arena, where most of the potential customers are gathered.

    The ultra-low-end is not profitable. Convertible tablets have already been tried (before iPad), and were not very popular. Desktop-sized tablets are simply stupid, and the ultra-small tablets will run into iPod touch. Meanwhile, everyone who wants a “real” iPad will get an iPad, just as everyone who wanted a “real” iPod got an iPod.

    Microsoft repeats their Zune strategy with Surface. As with Zune (versus iPod), Microsoft comes way too late to the party, releases a product that costs more and does less, and expects customers to buy it. And they will “hang around” far too long (like with Zune).

  2. Jason takes a reasonable approach to the subject of sales trends in technology, uses facts and common sense to shape his judgements, understands people’s desires and basic requirements, discounts marketing hype in favor of word of mouth, and calls his mother every week.

    He’s finished in this biz.

  3. “Despite having several rivals, the tablet market is still pretty much all Apple’s…”

    The iPad has no rivals.
    That’s why the tablet market is “all Apple’s”.

  4. What none of the competition have ever seemed to grasp was that Apple innovated from the GROUND UP with iOS and defined strict standards – no bloat, tight design criteria for developers to adhere to, total focus on the user experience, no app to take longer than x seconds to load and woe betide if an app takes too much memory – the OS will terminate you! The user is put first and no single app is allowed to reduce the overall experience of the device.

    By trailing in the wake of iPad, rival products will always be seen as a poor imitation to some extent and will suffer by being compared against a bar set pretty high by Apple.

    But then Apple deserves this state of affairs – they have designed a product that oozes quality, can be used by kids to Pensioners with ease – and more crucially, understands and completely fits into the market it is intended for. Too many imitators try to deviate from this and end up hitting a brick wall of compromise – you see this with the Surface.

    The minute it came onto the market the net filled with work-arounds and ways of defeating built-in behaviour – something that I never consider when using an Apple device.

    Until rivals come up with designs that can compete on the same level of iPad they will always be doomed to fail in the long run.

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