Vodafone sells ‘nearly new’ iPhones in U.K. to build data revenue

“For the first time, Vodafone Group Plc. is offering its U.K. customers discounts on used smartphones in a new-year push to increase sales of data and stem service- revenue declines,” Amy Thomson reports for Bloomberg.

“The ‘Nearly New’ plan provides savings — of as much as 155 pounds ($251) off the 405-pound price for an iPhone 4 — for pay-as-you-go users, as well as cheaper plans for monthly subscribers, who already get reduced handset prices. Other devices include those made by Samsung Electronics Co. and HTC Corp. that have been returned by customers for resale,” Thomson reports. “The world’s second-largest wireless carrier is targeting higher data consumption as Britain’s weak economy drives declines in call revenue. Vodafone’s sales from U.K. phone plans fell 2.1 percent in the six months through September, partially offset by a 5 percent growth in data revenue.”

Thomson reports, “The phones went on sale in stores yesterday and will be available online next week… The handsets come with a 12-month warranty for customers without a contract and 24 months for monthly subscribers, Vodafone said.”

More information in the full article here.


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