Apple testing new ‘Touch on Display’ technology for next-gen iPhone – report

“According to a rumor from The China Times, Apple is planning to adopt new touch panels with ‘Touch on Display’ technology for the next iteration of the iPhone,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “The panels, which have been developed by Apple supplier Innolux, are said to be in testing at the moment.”

The “Touch on Display “panels “are said to be thin and tough, with a thickness of 0.5mm and improved optical performance and sensitivity,” Clover reports. “The new display would presumably be used in Apple’s iPhone 5S, which could be entering production as early as the first quarter of 2013.”

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  1. In other news, humans continue to evolve. It’s rumoured that elevators are going to get slightly faster next year with an improved laminate coating on the outside. This cuts down on wind resistance thereby enabling elevators to go faster.

      1. Maybe because there’s no actual evidence of (macro) evolution ever occurring, but plenty to show it will and has never.

        Phones / elevators getting better is evidence of someone designing and manufacturing something better – not of ‘evolution’.

        Amazing what people will believe without any evidence in 2013!

        1. There’s plenty of evidence scientifically for those who open their eyes but most people who are religious close minded fail to see the simple facts, my point stands.

            1. Take a class… any biology class at any university anywhere in the world. They will provide you with all of the evidence and proof you need for macro evolution. If you choose not to study, learn, or educate yourself, then you choose to live in willful ignorance.

            2. Yes – look at the actual findings and research, not the text books. The findings make assumptions and are often quickly proved wrong. The text books report is as fact. Check it out for yourself…

            3. The best evidence I have seen for evolution was from a bacteria that could survive, and only survive on a human made (artificial) compound as it’s sole carbon source. Of course that does not make it a new species but I consider this very relevant, along with all the other circumstantial evidence.

              To a degree I consider that the Bible can provide some guidance. There is no “Reproduction vs. Creationism” argument because, according to the Bible “man” Adam and Eve were created by divine intervention (creationism) and I think most people know that individuals can be “created” via sexual reproduction.

              So there is a precedent. If there are two ways to create an individual (divine intervention) AND human reproduction then there might be two ways to create a new species, through divine intervention AND evolution.

            4. God creating man who can reproduce is a precedent for evolution? Wow that’s a new one – I just can’t there.

              If I create something with the ability to reproduce itself, I don’t see how that somehow means it can change into something else. It has been created / designed to do something and so it does.

              Surely if you believe the Creation account you would also believe the words that say they reproduce in their own kind?

            5. I’m religious and I believe in both. God created Adam and Eve. When they fucked up in the garden of Eden, he turned them into monkeys and they had to evolve on their own. You can’t prove it right. You can’t prove it wrong.

          1. Lol research it and see. At the time Darwin thought he had found evidence but yet again time and further investigation showed otherwise.

            No point bringing Creationism, look at the assumptions / actual evidence for evolution alone.

        2. @ploth

          May you have the good fortune to never get a antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. Such so-called “super bugs” are very much the result of evolution.

        1. Yes Jimmy this is what most people believe…the body was created with the ability to learn and adapt to different conditions – this is not evolution.

          Different types of dog etc are micro evolution – nothing new in their DNA only a loss. This is ‘evolution’ within a species and is amazing.

          But evolution from one species to another is macro evolution. So far research shows the DNA has a checking mechanism to ensure this cant happen…and if it does it is corrected. Any mutation causes a species a problem not an advance too. Fascinating stuff when you dig into it

          1. Wow are you clueless. “Only a loss?”

            Hey bloodhounds have a much keener sense of smell than a chihuahua. How did that happen? How did bloodhounds get bred to have many times the olfactory nerves than other dogs and a bigger region of their brains dedicated to processing signals from those nerves?

            Ever think why you think believing in evolution is somehow contrary to believing in God? Here’s a clue. Someone told you so, and you chose to believe it. It’s not anything that based in fact.

            It’s funny how people who believe in an omnipotent God believe such a mind is incapable of creating the universe that operates on fundamental laws of physics, where following the laws of physics eventually leads to the creation of all elements then stars followered by planets followed by organic molecules followed by life. Yet by claiming evolution is impossible be used you believe the universe was made, you actually promote the idea God must not be omnipotent. Because life evolving through evolution like he nose of a bloodhound is impossible because some idiot told you so.

  2. Wow! Because previous iPhones did not have “Touch on Display” technology?

    Also rumored, the next iPhone is supposed to have “Talk into Microphone” technology… 🙂

    1. No reason why not. The 5S will be an interim version with a few significant upgrades, just like the 3Gs and the 4S, but Apple obviously will already have basic technological ideas for the next full upgrade, like processors, GUI, etc, which they’ll need to be developing in parallel with whatever Ive has up his sleeve design-wise.
      This isn’t rocket science, it’s what Apple do every year!

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