Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from MacDailyNews!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from MacDailyNewsMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As we enter the Christmas news slowdown, we can all look forward to 2013 which, with expectations of new Macs, next-gen iPad, next-gen iPhon, and rumors of an Apple television and more, promises to be a very eventful year!

We’ll continue to post as time, disparate Internet connections, and the news permits.

Thank you for visiting MacDailyNews throughout the year and for making MDN a part of your day. We really appreciate it!


    1. MDN could have written “Merry Christmas* and Happy Holidays from MacDailyNews!”

      * Mentioning “Christmas” here is just an acknowledgement that Christmas is commonly observed as both a secular and nonsecular holiday in the English-speaking world. So… I sorta thought I’d throw that one out there.

      I’m rather sorry about the “English-speaking” bit (not to offend those who don’t speak it), but this article is written in English (as it is the only language in which I am fluent) and therefore its readership tends to be far and wide English speaking as either a first or second language.

      The thoughts and opinions expressed within this communication are not intended to be offensive to any particular minority group (based on race, religion, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, gender identification, handicap, occupation, meat-eating/vegetable-eating practices, and hobbies—even hunting). Note too that parenthetically mentioning “even hunting” in the preceding sentence was not intended to signal any disapproval of the sport; the author does not wish to disparage the legal, safe, and most humane-possible methods of hunting. This preceding statement should not however, be construed as an endorsement of the sport; the author values all the biodiversity of earth and no animal should suffer at the hand of a human. However, that preceding sentence should not be construed that the author is indifferent to the plight of workers displaced by environmental issues; the author is mindful of the plight of timber workers v.s. the plight of spotted owls. The preceding sentence should not be construed that the author thinks there is only one group of workers who have been financially harmed by environmental issues; there are others and not mentioning these others by name should not be construed as suggesting they are any less important than another. The author wishes to ensure all who review this communication that he values diversity and has the utmost respect for the law, government officials, the institutions of the United States, and the wide variety of social customs and diversity of its peoples. This statement should not however, be construed as being intolerant of others who have contrary or differing values or who might hold the U.S. in disdain. The author embraces the wholesome notion that one person or group’s values are no less meritorious or valid than another’s, and the author does not wish to suggest that by stating an admiration for America and the U.S. Government, that this ought to be construed as deprecating the many other fine systems of government throughout the world and the social practices of its peoples. Notwithstanding that the author wrote the word “he” three sentences ago, (the author happens to be male by birth) this should not be construed as diminishing in any way, the existence of the word “she” nor does it signal that the author is adverse to the use of the gender-neutral “he/she” where appropriate. Furthermore, the words “he” and “she” should not be construed as being exclusionary or diminishing to the transgendered. This paragraph was not intended to be understood by blondes.

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