Instagram debacle isn’t about privacy but inexperience

“Everyone is mad at Instagram,” Craig Forman writes for Quartz. “Its overreach on the new terms of service shows that although disruption can be a huge economic opportunity (great adoption results in great valuation on its sale to Facebook!), naivety in the follow-through (Really? No one was going to pay attention to the ToS changes?) can undermine the best intentions in accelerating growth.”

“So what we are seeing isn’t a sign that free content can only go so far and then it buckles,” Forman writes. “It’s a sign of inexperience, and the resulting overreach that can blow up in entrepreneurs—and investors’—faces. Such disruption is ‘noisy’ and often accompanied by as much hype as genuine innovation.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David G.” for the heads up.]


  1. Bullshit. They claim the right to use their customers private photos without permission nor payment for commercial purposes and its “inexperience”??

    Who are they trying to kid here??

    What a load of crap. Frankly there hasn’t been enough of an outcry, I’d like to have congressional hearings on this. This is a huge violation of privacy rights and a breach of trust that is borderline criminal.

      1. OMG. You guys are way to anal about spelling errors. get over it. you know exactly what I meant, but instead you focus on grammatical errors. Here you go….hope you have a field day with this.

        One of the recent developments in modern technology, cellular phones, can be a threat to safety. A study for Donald Redmond and Robert Lim of the university of Toronto showed that cellular phones poses a risk to drivers. In fact people who talk by the phone while driving are for times more likely to have an automobile accident than those whom do not use the phone while drive. I like to use my cell phone when I am driving because it is convenient. The researchers studied 699 drivers. Who were in an automobile accident while they were using they’re cellular phones. The researchers concluded that the mane reason for the accidents was not that people used one hand for the telephone and one hand for driving. Instead the cause of accidents were usually that the drivers became distracted angry or upset by the phone call. As a result the drivers’ lost concentration. Many people find that monthly plans are more economical than pre-paid plans.

        1. Based on that reasoning, passengers should be forbidden in cars (especially spouses) because : “the cause of accidents were usually that the drivers became distracted angry or upset by the phone call” which is actually the content of the conversation (phone or no phone).

          BTW: … cellular phones poses (no s)…, … talk by (on) the phone…, …for->four times.., …while drive->driving, … whom?… .Who were –> not a new sentence, …they’re->Their… … mane reason->main reason…, … cause of accidents were->was (or causes)…,
          Field day indeed :)))

          1. Thank you Altos for the corrections! hehehe. You took the convo to a whole ‘nother level!

            I just stole the paragraph off a website to upset peeps, i didn’t even read it. i just knew it had spelling/grammatical errors.

        2. What, exactly, does being a fuckwit by driving while using a cellphone have to do with Instagram selling users private photos without consultation or compensation?
          Your argument is spurious, and has no connection with the subject matter, so if you want to have a rant, try to choose an appropriate subject for it.
          Otherwise you just look a complete clot.

        1. Maybe if you looked a little bit deeper than the usual media bullshit about things like Twitter, you’d actually learn that it’s used extensively by political activists in the Middle East and other places, it’s used regularly by the BBC for listeners to communicate directly with radio presenters, it was used a lot during the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which is when I started to follow people.
          Twitter and Facebook and suchlike aren’t much different to forums like this, with a mixture of intelligent commentators and complete fucking idiots who should be kept away from anything with a keyboard.

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