Black Friday/Cyber Monday online shoppers spent over three times as much on Apple iPhones this year versus last

“According to exclusive data from payment tracker Slice, online shoppers spent over three times as much on iPhones this year as they did in 2011—but older models got the most love,” Alex Konrad reports for Forbes.

“Slice ran year to year comparisons for online sales during the period from Black Friday through the Wednesday after Cyber Monday to see which ecommerce giants feasted the most after the holiday,” Konrad reports. “The biggest winner this year? iPhones, with sales across all models up 301%, but not specifically because of Apple‘s new iPhone 5. While that model undoubtedly drove some sales, Slice says that the biggest factor it observed driving iPhone popularity with ecommerce shoppers was actually AT&T’s promotional sales of its older iPhone 4 and 4S models.”

Konrad reports, “When Slice compared Apple and Amazon’s latest tablet models—Apple’s iPad Mini and new iPad with retina display and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD in two sizes—the company found that purchasers preferred Apple to the tune of 55%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Every real measure of Apple’s performance drives a stake through the heart of the AAPL bear.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


  1. And the “AAPL bears” cry out it is only up 301% we were expecting 310%. Any one that can’t see the results that will happen only a few short years from now are idiots.

    Apple’s iOS devices, the Mac OSX computers, and soon to be AppleTV can’t deal with reality. Ever!

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