iCensorship? Apple trims inconvenient question from ‘Promised Land’ podcast

“Apple teamed up with [Matt] Damon to promote the actor’s new movie ‘Promised Land,’ a film attacking both oil and gas companies as well as the process of fracking,” Breitbart New reports.

“The mega-company hosted a Q&A with the film’s stars Dec. 3 at an Apple store in Soho,” Breitbart New reports. “Damon and John Krasinski, who co-wrote the film together, took part in the live discussion. Filmmaker Phelim McAleer, who delights in bursting the bubble of liberal environmentalists with documentaries like Not Evil Just Wrong, asked a rather pointed question at the duo to kick off the affair.”

Breitbart New reports, “Apple recorded the event and created a podcast of the Q&A to be shared via iTunes. Yet McAleer says the only question snipped from the live event was, you guessed it, his query. Good thing McAleer taped the question and answer for all to see.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: If they are practicing “iCensorship,” Apple’s doing a horrilbe job: McAleer’s documentary, Not Evil Just Wrong, is available for sale (US$9.99) via Apple’s iTunes Store.

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    1. Do you have any solid proof that “Not Evil, Just Wrong is not factual” or do we just have to settle for your opinion?

      And, please, don’t give us one or two minor spelling errors and think that negates the entire film, like the typical MSNBC Lib

      Actually prove the general premise of the piece is “not factual,” thanks.

      1. “like the typical MSNBC Lib”

        You mean like former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough or S.E. Cupp?

        MSNBC is not the liberal equivalent of Faux Newz. It has news shows and opinion shows and all are subject to the rules of NBC News. That is NOT the case at Faux Newz- Unfair and Unbalanced.

        1. What are you smoking!?! MSNBC is by far more radically Leftist than Fox is conservative. It’s most important news show with Shep and crew is transparently leftist it’s ludicrous to say ‘fair and balanced.’ Even Riley drank the Obama Kool-Aid and attacked Romeny relentlessly. They present their Leftist shills as moderate when they’re actually former members of the most radically Left Presiident prior to Obama. You know, you can play that commie game of telling a lie long enough it becomes fact, but until those of who have lived history have died, the facts will always expose nits like you.

          1. … MSNBC “news”. Ed and Chris are always shouting, often talking over their guests, often impolite. When they start inventing their own “truth”, I’m walking on them. Rachel does better, but she gloats and snickers when she is telling the Far Right what they need to do to beat the “Left”.
            The Canadians allow MSNBC to enter their country. They have DENIED Fox “News” that same access. Why? The Canadians do NOT allow NEWS programs to invent their on facts. As Fox “News” has been shown to do. When the slightly leftist, somewhat “Christian”, MSNBC starts inventing their own “facts”, I’ll stop watching them. Promise.

            1. FOX news is not barred from Canada. I have heard that on several occasions in the past and it is not true. FOX News is available from my cable provider.
              Also available is SUN News, a Canadian right wing “news” organisation that is often referred to as FOX North.
              SUN News is not getting the same kind of traction that the right was hoping for as far as I can see.
              Thankfully, I can also watch Al-Jazeera, BBC, CBC, Deutsche Welle and others to provide me with a far more balanced view of the world. Among the radio broadcasts I can listen to Dutch, Australian, French, US NPR and other world services.

          2. handsomesmitty, no news outlet can be farther to the left than Fox News is to the right. Fox has already maxed out on the conservative scale and sometimes hops over to the wacko scale with ad lib commentary. The most that anyone else can do is match Fox News in the opposite direction. So, handsomesmitty, if Fox is “Fair and Balanced,” then so is everyone else.

            Fwhatever, I don’t know if “Not Evil, Just Wrong” is entirely factual, partly factual, or mostly just BS. I have not seen it. What I do know is that if I were tbone I would not spend any time attempting to convince you one way or the other. You have spouted numerous unsupported opinions on this forum for years, and you don’t have that good of a track record for being correct. So we don’t owe you anything. You, on the other hand, owe the rest of us on this forum an extended reprieve from your BS. And please take your anonymous “me-too” friends with you.

          3. The only way you could remotely believe that, is that Fox News has skewed our discussions so far to the hard right, no one on TV can remember where the center is.

            But the voters are starting to remember.

          4. There is actually people who think MSNBC is not the Prawda of the DNC? the anchors there have nervous breakdowns when they see their Brown Messiah flop and have tingles up their leg if they see his effulgence.


            Wow, where do these people live? Oh, I know on welfare and crack.

            1. Um, saying that MSNBC anchors like Obama only goes to show how out of touch with reality you are. Obama is a moderate conservative on most issues. If you think Obama is left-wing, you’re just hung up on the fact that he thinks women and gay people aren’t second-class citizens.

            2. Obama a “moderate conservative”? You must be mainlining the Kool Aide!

              And how curious Obama is so supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood (clearly so since prior to his Cairo speech in 2009), which abuses women and gay people.

            3. Um, saying that MSNBC anchors like Obama as proof that they are left-wing only goes to show how out of touch with reality you are. Obama is a moderate conservative on most issues. If you think Obama is left-wing, you’re just hung up on the fact that he thinks women and gay people aren’t second-class citizens.

    1. Label anyone that doesn’t agree with you as a socialist – good strategy. Also, let any business do anything they want – we need jobs! Screw the environment!

      I am so tired of you right wing jerks labeling anyone with an opinion different that yours a socialist, commie, etc.

      Fortunately, I’m not the only one…

          1. The greatest tool of propaganda is IGNORANCE.

            Very few rabid Neo-Con-Job suckers comprehend what ‘fascist’, ‘socialist’, ‘communist’ or even ‘conservative’ ACTUALLY mean. They open their mouth for their daily dose of propaganda and can only quote back to others what the propaganda has taught them. What a shame, this ignorance thing.

        1. handsomesmitty, as long as I am at the opposite end of the political spectrum from you, then I must be in the right place. You can call me whatever you want. The irony is, you strengthen your political opposition every time you comment on this forum. You make leftists out of moderates just because your comments are so damn inane.

      1. They do not WANT to poison us, they ARE ACTIVELY doing it right now.

        Head over to Mother Jones and read the article posted yesterday about the 1500 locations that threaten HALF the drinking water in the US.

        The article title is: The EPA Is Letting Energy Companies Pollute Our Drinking Water

    1. Go do some research. The only pro-fracking “point of view” is one of greed and environmental destruction. Pro-frackers use misinformation, distraction and propaganda to gain support.

      This is science, not some ideological conversation. Fracking uses toxic pollutants, they are injected into the ground and left there for future generations. This isn’t debatable or subject to “point of view” it is scientific fact. These toxins have been proven hazardous to our health and are poisoning our water supply.

      There is also new evidence that fracking may very well be a factor in seismic activity. The jury is still out on this one, but it doesn’t look good.

      Do you piss in your drinking water? Empty your used motor oil into it? Of course not. So why do you support an energy company doing it on a scale that is orders of magnitude worse?

      1. I’ve researched it. My conclusion is that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Where are you located? Saudi Arabia? They are the only ones who need to fear fracking.

  1. Interesting that just today, a University of Texas Geosciences professor Charles Groat got sacked because while he’d been talking for years that there is absolutely no relation between earthquakes and fracking (contrary to the general scientific consensus on the subject), he’s now been caught with $1,500,000 of oil and drilling company money in his pocket from five years of secret lobbyist payments he conveniently forgot to mention.

    This despite the University of Texas requiring that financial conflicts of interest be disclosed by employees when it has “potential for directly and significantly affecting the design, conduct, or reporting of … research or is in an entity whose financial interest appears to be affected by that research.”

    Funny, how these sorts of things happen when science and capitalism seem to clash.*

    (*Much like the fact that in 20 years of published, peer-reviewed climate study papers [more than 13,950 if you want to know] only 24 of them discount man-made causes for climate change. Normally, when 99.87% of scientists agree on something, we accept it and start dealing with it. Unless $ is involved.)

    1. Capitalism is not the problem. Individual integrity is. No system can prevent assholes from being assholes.

      I’ll borrow from Winston Churchill: Capitalism is the worst form of society except for all the other kinds that have been tried.

      1. Actually, you are wrong.

        A corporation is an ‘individual’ by US tax law.

        If you are worried about the integrity of this individual, I’ll direct you to study regulatory law.

        This is the reason for regulation. The collective society atating what a corporation can and cannot do.

        When cash remove my voice, I no longer have the ability to participate in our democracy.

    1. As I understand it, that was a particularly offensive episode, unnecessarily so…as I hear it. I didn’t see it but I remember a commotion about it. Likely it did not meet Apple’s standards. (Apple does have standards.) I think if someone came on and attacked blacks or Jews with over-the-top racially or religiously offensive rhetoric, Apple might do the same thing. Apple has certainly censored things (including apps) in the past. You can probably get it from a non-Apple source.

      1. Perhaps Apple judged McAleer and his crockumentary to be so obviously bought-and-paid-for by gas/oil/mining interests that his question was cut rather than offending people with full-functioning frontal lobes.

        Ignore the huge payoffs from the oil and gas companies and their immediate shipments of fresh water for locals wherever they start fracking if you so choose. It makes you a fool, but hey, what’s new?

  2. Normally I would not agree with any wrongwing Breitbart allies but that funding source ought to have been disclosed in the interview. Fracking is a disaster but Damon could have paid for this documentary – that is accurate regarding the dangers of fracking – without undermining it by accepting money from groups with suspect motives. This film is paid for by sources who bear us no good will and want to keep us dependent on Middle East hydrocarbons rather than switching to renewable energy.

    1. If the question is without merit, then why not edit? I get the feeling that the same people crying “censorship” on this forum are the same ones who attempt to suppress comments and ideas that conflict with their own paradigms.

      Filmmaker Phelim McAleer has already made documentaries (such as Not Evil Just Wrong) to spread his ideas. He is not being censored. If anything, he is using his position to attempt to inflate the importance of his opinions above those of others. Let the guy take care of himself. He doesn’t need your protection.

  3. I am tempted to point out the profoundly deceitful nature of the pro-fracking propaganda with which we are being bombarded. I like being alive. I am only alive because of the miracle planet upon which I live. Killing the prime resources of living with short term thinking, long term catastrophe, IOW fracking, is not good. I have no sympathy for the ‘jobs money jobs money jobs money’ arguments when the end result is our self-destruction. That’s what we typically call “insanity”.

    However, what an interesting kink in this particular story to have a political motivation from a oil producing nation to fund a film that, albeit justifiably, criticizes fracking. We’re back to that wonderful quote from Sir Walter Scott:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!

    1. It is censorship when the government does it and you are denied all access to the information.

      It is editing when done in your precious private sector. You still have access to the “edited” footage dimwit.

  4. I haven’t seen the documentary, nor have I read the preceding comments. However, having close relatives in the film industry, I can verify that most of the actors are NOT aware of the full funding details of their films, and that funding deals like the ones that Mr. Damon describes (investment in a partnership that makes many films) are very common. BTW, I’m a Republican who supports going after our own resources here in preference to buying energy overseas, but I think that the accusation that Mr. Damon answered is more than a bit of a red herring.

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