Analyst: Apple’s stock price reflects ‘fantastically pessimistic assumptions’

Here’a an article entitled “Analyst: Apple’s stock price reflects ‘fantastically pessimistic assumptions.”

Oh, wait… That was from last year. December 13, 2011, to be exact.

Well, here’s one: “Apple stock seems insanely cheap: Where’s the love?

Oops, sorry, that was from last year, too – December 12, 2011, when AAPL closed at $391.84.

Hmm, okay, how about: Apple stuns Street with massive $46.33 billion record revenue; all-time record Mac, iPhone, iPad sales.

Whoops, sorry again, that was from last January 24th.

One last try: Apple shares hit new all-time intraday, closing highs.

Nope, that one was from last January, too: January 25th.

Aw, never mind, we give up.

Carry on.


  1. When ingnorane is something to be proud of, knowledge is a blemish, anit intellect is in and dumbed down and stupid is the flavor of the day, what follows is a manifest of idiocarcy that the earth shal eventually inherit and revel in… Stupidity and loud noise are typifying of this virtual , virtual existence which is clearly a choice.

    Kinda like shit and flies…it stinks, but it’s warm and comfortable.

    Enjoy the ride to the bottm dees.

  2. Wall Street ANALists and US government representatives across the ENTIRE BOARD are the cesspool of the earth. AAPL Long. Check my record. NAYSAYERS ? … Yeah!!! two words SCUM BAGS. The cancer of the EARTH. Tim Cook is now my living mentor. Steve Jobs is PROUD of Tim Cook. FSCK THE SYSTEM!!!

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