How to use iTunes in the Cloud under iTunes 11

“If you buy your music, TV shows, and music from iTunes, iTunes 11 makes it easier than ever to download, and re-download all that content thanks to iTunes in the Cloud,” Allyson Kazmucha writes for iMore.

“With iTunes in the Cloud, even if you no longer have a song, film, or episode you previously bought on your Mac or Windows PC, you’re only ever a click away from getting it back,” Kazmucha writes.

“iTunes in the Cloud can be a great space-saver for small hard drives, and is definitely a great backup for everyone,” Kazmucha writes.

Kazmucha covers:
• How to enable iTunes in the Cloud in iTunes 11
• How to stream iTunes in the Cloud content in iTunes 11
• How to download iTunes in the Cloud content in iTunes 11
• How to move items back to iTunes in the Cloud in iTunes 11
• How to delete iTunes in the Cloud items in iTunes 11

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  1. Cant see any reason to praise iTunes 11. It’s one of the buggiest software updates ever seen, more like “back to iTunes 8″… Makes Maps look like a great release. Apple must be dealing with millions of desperate users right now. The interaction with the iTunes Store is gone as well as any chance of discovering any new music. The simple fact that cover flow disappeared is a huge shock as soon as you open the application for the first time. But wait until we find that there is no practical way of seeing art covers and that any new imported music simply disappears mysteriously. Unbelievable. Never sot I would see the day when Apple would release a software as bad as this one. And its been a week already… Sigh…

    1. Agree entirely –

      Miniplayer hobbled to death.
      No one-click mini-maximise with the green button.
      Cover flow gone, No covers.
      Ugly Betty looks.

      Haven’t felt so depressed since iPhoto 11 released.

      Or indeed Lion, which dumped so many previous clean and useful functionalities.

      1. Agree 100%

        Miniplayer is greatly enhanced. Ignorance is no excuse to call it hobbled

        Can maximise with ONE CLICK-> again, ignorance is no excuse. Just click on the rectangle on the right in mini player

        Cover flow gone->Good riddance!

  2. Update to iTunes 11 is just awesome. Glad to see cover flow gone…never used it….it was such a slow way to find stuff. Album view is my view for 80% of the time. I can find my music so much quicker and I Love the way it pops open to show the contests with intelligently chosen background colour based on the album art.

    Easy to delete stuff all the way up to the cloud too.

  3. 11 is So much better and easier to find everything. Cover-flow seems so outdated now. On the downside, I can’t quite figure out why I am spending way more on music and movies now than I did before. The simplicity and streamlined access to media makes you want to consume more I guess.

    1. Explain what was useful about CoverFlow? I have thousands of tracks ripped from sampler CDs given away with certain magazines, like The Word and Uncut, none if which have album art available. CoverFlow has never been the slightest bit of use to me, or anyone I know.
      On the other hand the removal of multiple windows is a serious clusterfuck, I’m really angry about this, and a close friend is incandescent about it! A really important feature has been removed in the interests of ‘simplicity’, which has just totally screwed up the usability of iTunes for people who actually use Playlists.
      Bring it back, Apple, like now!

  4. “Why can’t we be friends…why can’t we be friends….”

    Whether you like v 11 or not, is it really necessary to use this or any other issue as a launch pad for personally mocking or defaming another? I mean…seriously?

    Everyone has a right to their opinion…has a right to rant about something (not someone) they don’t like…and ought to be respectful of others. Now is that so hard???

  5. Only thing I really miss is “purchases” list in last item purchased order … Made it a snap to find the newest music and movies purchased without searching…. I used it all the time… But hey… Nothing to go all rabid for…. I will miss that feature though … Oh we’ll…

  6. I miss being able to open a playlist or the iTunes Store in a separate window. Otherwise, I’ve figured out where everything is now, and I really like the new iTunes.

    The previous version looked like a program at the end of a LONG succession of incremental feature updates, and it no longer quite made sense (especially for a new user). iTunes was Apple’s equivalent of Microsoft Word. Understandable… iTunes started out as a Mac OS 9 application, when is was mainly a CD ripper and jukebox, and not much else. This was before iPod and even the Music Store. Now, the overall design makes sense again for what iTunes does today.

  7. Every user is different and its easy to understand that the interaction with iTunes will be diverse. But simply put, one would hope that iTunes 11 would be an evolution of features which were great in the first place. Enjoying album art covers is vital to the iTunes experience. As well as a graphic interaction with the store and Genius suggestions in a single window. iTunes 11 brings none of that. Sure it is lighter and faster but there are far too many bugs for a major release (no counting of times played… for instances).
    Floating windows with art cover is not the solution. A mini player where you can’t see the art cover is mediocre to say the least. There are dozens of free apps for that.
    With this release, Apple has reached to their most faithful users all over the world (the ones who buy a new Mac almost every year, and have all the iPods, iPhones and iPads…) and kicked them all… straight in the stomach.

  8. without a doubt the worst upgrade ever. Cloud will not let you right click to enter info or options. Cannot cut beginnings or endings off songs anymore (vital in production work). cannot raise sound levels anymore (vital in production work). Cloud is slow, needless, and full of glitches. Steve Jobs come back and straighten this out.

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