Slavish Apple copier Samsung Electronics promotes son and heir closer to top job

“Samsung Electronics Co pushed the anointed heir of the company chairman closer to the top job on Wednesday as it cemented a global lead in smartphones with a stock price that is close to record highs,” Miyoung Kim reports for Reuters.

“The promotion of the snappily-dressed and bespectacled Jay Y. Lee, aged 44, to the job of vice chairman comes after Samsung marked the 25th anniversary of his father Lee Kun-hee’s chairmanship last week,” Kim reports. “Jay Lee is already chief operating officer and president and was thrust into the spotlight in June when then Samsung Electronics chief executive Choi Gee-sung, known to be his mentor, was promoted to lead the entire Samsung group’s strategy, a defacto No.2 role within the group to chairman Lee.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, great. That’ll change Samsung’s derivative culture dedicated to churning out knockoffs of Apple products. (Saracsm.)

Kim reports, “Observers said at the time that Choi’s move was aimed at preparing a succession plan for Jay Lee… Jay Lee will have big shoes to fill as it was under his father’s watch that Samsung Electronics was transformed from a low cost producer into a global player that has overtaken Apple Inc in terms of smartphone sales.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sans the lion’s share of the profits: Apple rakes in 71% of the world’s smartphone profits – September 8, 2012.

Kim reports, “Critics say he lacks his father’s charisma, business insight and entrepreneurship and that he faces tough challenges, not least a patent battle with Apple that is being fought out in courts across the globe.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mop the floor with him, Tim.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. the only reason people by samsung is because it is cheap. however people still prefer the Apple plarform.
    what I am saying, older models of the Iphone (such as Iphone 4) will become cheaper and cheaper. (but still better then Shamesung) samsung’s share comes mostly from prepaid phones in countries such as Africa. soon they will also switch to Iphones. and apple will start eating away at samsung market share.

      1. True, profits matter. But marketshare matters too. If your market share doesn’t grow your profits can’t either. So marketshare does matter. Why do you think Apple is releasing products more frequently than in the past? Because of competition. They are forced to refresh in a shorter timeframe now to try to keep up with the competition. The competition may have a lower quality product but they are selling them as fast as they can make them in some cases. This isn’t 2009. At least in the publics eye, the iPhone isn’t the only desirable smart phone available. I have no desire to purchase anything but another iPhone but there are millions and millions out there who are buying smart phones for the first time and they will consider other options. The figures speak for themselves. And the Android platform seems to be more desirable far younger buyers too. The iPhone still has the cool factor to me but to people under 30 the Android phones are often preferential and much more affordable. That’s just a fact. Sure it might be a plastic phone but how long will anyone have it? Price matters a lot of those buyers. So, market share does matter. If it didn’t, Apple wouldn’t be doing a quicker refresh on the iPad and the same will be true with the iPhone if they can do it too. And the stock is down $19 this morning already. The news about improved iPhone five availability isn’t helping.

        1. Apple have never cared about market share: when you command 71% of the global profits in that segment what matters market share? It’s utterly irrelevant. Larger market share != better product!

          It’s good to be the King 😀


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